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You'll need to consult the owners manual.

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What are the Dashboard warning lights on 2008 KIA rondo?

The warning light that is right above the engine warning signal it looks half round with a wavy bottom and a exclamation point in the middle; what does it mean?

What does a box with an arrow mean on your dashboard This engine warning light comes on your 1992 Chevrolet Corsica?

my 92 Chevrolet corsica has a rectangular signal that appears on my dash. It is a box with wavy lines at the bottom of it. there is an arrow pointing downward. What does this mean. There are no pictures of this symbol in the manual.

What does the fan dashboard icon on the 1996 Ford Mustang gt indicate?

The low coolant warning light is just to the left of the bottom of your engine oil pressure gauge

What does exclamation mark with a circle around it mean on a 2002 Ford Taurus warning light dashboard?

The warning light in the bottom area of your tachometer that looks like a circle ( gear ) with an exclamation mark in the middle is your " check transaxle " ( transmission ) warning light . If the light stays on take your vehicle in for servicing

What is the bottom of a rectangular prism called?

A base.

When the net is folded into the rectangular prism shown beside it which letters will be on the front and bottom of the rectangular prism?

The letter on the front will be W. The letter on the bottom will be X.

What does a rectagular pyramid look like?

A pyramid with a rectangular bottom hence the name rectangular pyramid.

What does the warning light on the dashboard mean on an M registered Fiat Punto that is a rectangular shape on a 45 degree angle with a spray effect at the bottom?

i had this come up on mine a few months ago, we took it to the garage and they said that it was part of the engine managment system that showed that one of the electrical leads which is located under one of the wheel arches had coroded. apparently this is very common on this model of puntos because of the position. ( it kinda took the fun out of driving through big massive puddles to wash the car!!!) we had ours fixed and it only cost us

What is the Amber light circle looks like a sun on the dashboard of the 2001 Windstar mean?

One of the exterior bulbs doesn't work ( if you mean the warning light in the bottom right side of your gauge cluster )

Where in your iPod is the ubs?

the bottom rectangular opening where you charge it

How can you have 2 clocks on your dashboard on your mac?

On your dashboard, click on the x on the bottom left hand corner. A line of widgets you have will show up on the bottom. Find the clock widget, and click it once. Now click it again. You now have 2 clocks on your dashboard.

What is the difference between a rectangular pyramid and a square pyramid?

One has a rectangle on the bottom and the other has a square on the bottom.

How do you take off the dashboard on Buick Century?

Their are screws at the bottom of the dashboard start from the driver side and go right their mite be about 6 screws

What is the number of faces of a rectangular pyramid?

4. 3 sides and a bottom

How do you edit dashboard on mac?

Go to Finder, Applications then open Dashboard. Little 'x's will appear in the corner of anything you have on the dashboard. If you wish to remove it simply click the 'x.' If you want to add things to your dashboard there should be a plus sign in the bottom left corner. When you click on it, dashboard applications will pop up that you can add to your dashboard.

How many verticles are in a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism contains a total of 8 vertices. There are 4 vertices on the bottom and 4 vertices on the top.

How are rectangular prisms and pyramids are the same?

they are the same because, they both have rectangular bases. Rectangular prisms are rectangular from the top and bottom (they are flat) while a rectangular pyramid has a point on the top where all of the edges meet. A pyramid has a tip at the top which unables it to stand on the tip while prisms can anyways.

Where is the turn signal flasher unit located on a 2002 Explorer Sport trac?

The relay is located under the dashboard on the drivers side. Look up to the right (towards the center of the truck). It is bottom relay, whick is located within a vertical, black rectangular cover.

How is a pyramid and a rectangular prism similar?

They both have a rectangle at the bottom of the two prisms.

What is the name of the shape that is a rectangle on the bottom and a smaller rectangle on the top?

A rectangular frustum.

How do you turn off the tire warning light in a Highlander?

At the very bottom of the dashboard just to the left of the steering wheel there is a pushbutton - after making sure your tires are propery inflated, INCLUDING THE SPARE TIRE, turn on the ignition and depress the pushbutton and hold for 5-10 seconds. This should re-set the low tire pressure warning light.

Where is the hood release on a Chevy Berretta or Corsica?

There is a handle at the bottom left side of the dashboard.

What are the Ford Fiesta dashboard symbols?

what is green symbol in bottom lefthand of centre display for

What shape has 6 flat faces 2 are squares 4 are rectangles 12 straight edges and 8 corners?

A square box - with top and bottom both square. (or a box with square ends)The top and bottom make two squares, the four other sides are flat and rectangular. There are eight corners - four around the top and four around the bottom. There are twelve edges, four around the top, four around the bottom, and four joining the top and bottom.A rectangular box is also called a rectangular parallelepiped.

How many flat surfaces does a rectangular shape have?

A rectangular shape has 6 flat sides. Those sides are the top, bottom, front, back, left and right,