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What does the warning sign say on the back of the NFL helmets?

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The warning sign on the back of NFL helmet says that no helmet can protect a player from serious head and neck injuries that he may receive while playing the game. It also warns the wearer against using the helmet to butt, ram or spear an opponent. It says that such an attempt may lead to serious injury to the wearer or the opponent. There are also symptoms of brain injury explained on the warning sign.

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What are throw back helmets for in the NFL?


What is written on the back of NFL helmets?

Why Get an Education?

What are the numbers on the back of NFL helmets?

Teams wear numbers on the back of the helmets to honor players who have passed away. All teams in the NFL this week are wearing a '21' on their helmets to honor former Redskins safety Sean Taylor who was murdered a few days back.

What does the shes mean on the back of NFL helmets?

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Do people wear helmets in rugby?

Rugby Dffers from NFL, NFL you have to wear helmets, not rugby.

What is the sticker on back of NFL helmet to the right of American flag?

It depends on what team's helmet you are reffering to. All NFL helmets have the following decals in the back: American flag, NFL logo and the manufacturer's safety warning decal that came with the helmet. Many teams also have the player's number on the back. The Dallas Cowboys have the last name of the player on the back of the helmet courtesy of a household labelmaker.

Why do the colts wear the number 21 on the back of their helmets Why do the cowboys wear the number 21 on the back of their helmets?

Because Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor was shot and killed and his number was 21. So, every team in the NFL wears that on the back of their helmets.

When NFL teams wear throwback uniforms are the helmets painted or are they different helmets?

Different helmets

How many NFL teams do not have a logo on their helmets?

None!Answer:The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a logo on their helmets.

Where can one purchase NFL football helmets online?

There are many places where one can purchase NFL football helmets online. One can purchase NFL football helmets at popular on the web sources such as Fanatics, Target, and eBay.

Where can one purchase NFL mini helmets?

NFL mini helmets are usually available directly from NFL franchises, either via their online shops or their physical stores. NFL mini helmets can also be purchased form generic online shops such as Amazon.

How has the NFL changed throughout the years?

NFL has change a lot throughout the years. Back then players did not use to where pads, helmets, and bars. NFL now drafts collegiates back then they did not have that back then until it got more popular. So it has changed a lot.

When were plastic helmets legalized in the NFL?

The NFL (National Football Leage) did not make the plastic helmets mandatory until the year 1943 because of concussions from the rubber helmets that were used before.

Why is there a GU on the back of the NFL football helmets?

In 2008 the NFL placed the "GU" decals on the back of each player's helmet in honor of Gene Upshaw, a retired player and the head of the NFLPA who passed on recently.

Where is the best place to buy NFL helmets?

The primary place one is able to purchase NFL helmets is at the NFL shop, where one is able to be completely assured of the authenticity of the product they are buying.

What make was NFL helmets in 1980?


Do nfl players get custom helmets?


What is wording on all NFL helmets?

Riddell-The official football helmet of the NFL

Why do the Pittsburgh Steelers have the number 21 on the back of their helmets?

the death of Sean Taylor on the redskins every team in the NFL has his number on them

What year did NFL players start wearing plastic helmets?

Back in the early 40's when T.V.'s came out

Do NFL quarterbacks have communication devices in helmets?

All NFL quarterbacks have communication devices in their helmets so the coach could say to the quarterback what play he must do.

What NFL teams have no logos on helmets?

The Cleavland Browns

When did the nfl start using plastic helmets?


What are the colored dots on the back of NFL players helmets?

It means that the helmet with the green dot has the radio equipment in it and only the QB may have that.

What year did players start wearing helmets in the NFL?

Helmets were worn by most NFL players when the league started in 1920, however they were not made mandatory until 1943. The NCAA did not require players to wear helmets until 1939.