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"Cue' is a stick used in pool or billiards, or it can mean a prompt on stage.

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A fact is something that is true and you have information to back it up , an opinion is what someone think ,Ex that was the worst game ever. Worst the the opinion word because somebody meant think that is the best game ever.

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Q: What does the word ''cue'' mean?
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Can you use the word cue in a sentence?

Cue the lights, yes

A sentence using the word cue?

The actor recited his line on cue

What is a homophone for the word queue?


Which is a homophone of the word cue?


What does the Latin phrase Cue epic organ solo mean?

There is nothing Latin about that phrase: epic organ solo is English and "cue" appears to be a feeble attempt at the Spanish word "que", what, as in "what a . . . .!"

What does billiard stick mean?

A stick is the same as a cue. Cue is the term most used.

What does on cue mean in English?

A cue is a direction to do something. To act on cue is to do what you need to do when the cue is given to you. It is common in acting, as delivering your line on cue, that is, when your turn comes up or when you hear the line that leads into yours.

What is a three letter word for a clue?


What is the meaning of cue?

Cue can mean a wooden shaft used in games, or a direction to speak in a play.

What is a drum cue?

The word "Cue" can mean several things. A Drum Cue can mean a specific direction at a specific time (often notated in the drummers chart or music) in a performance for a drummer, it can mean part of a drum performance that signals or cues the other performers, it can mean the drummers headphone mix in a recording studio or it can be a recorded drum performance that is used for synchronization to film or other media.

What does hunger cue mean?

What it needs to survive

What does olfactory cue mean?

the sense of smell

Must oil cue anagram?

The word is meticulous.

What does scratching the cue ball mean?

In terms of playing pool; it means to 'pot' or 'pocket' the cue ball.

What is the abstract noun of promptly?

The word 'promptly' is the adverb from the verb 'to prompt'. The word prompt is also a noun; a word for the act of giving a cue or a word for a cue or a reminder. Other noun forms are prompter and promptness.

What does cue mean in music?

the starting of your tune or song

Three letter word sounding like a letter?


A word which starts with n and ends with q?

en cue?

What is an example of a cue word for division?

the sum of 2 and 8

What is the first and second syllable for the word rescue?


How do you play a screwball in snooker?

Do you mean how do you screw the cue ball back? You cue at the bottom of the cue ball, with a downward motion and you hit it hard, relative to how much you want to screw it back.

What does drake mean by bet he felt that like the end of a pool cue?

i thought it had something to do with the blood crib line before, end of a pool cue is blue... Edit By Blackjakal: I actually made an account for this. Drake used the word "felt" as a double meaning. The end of a pool cue is made from a felt material. So he "felt" that line, like the end of a pool cue. Get it? :)

What is a 3 letter word has e and you?

Sue, Cue, due that i can think of

What 3 letter word is a pool tool ending in e?


What words can be made from the word excuse?

See, Use, Sue, Cue,