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What does the word Cuba mean?

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According to my old [1964] pocket Spanish-English pocket dictionary the Spanish word "cuba" [not capatalized] is "cask" in English.j3h. Answer 2 Cuba comes from a Taino word meaning "where fertile land is abundant" or "great place"

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What do the word cuba mean?

The actual meaning of the word Cuba is unclear. Some entomologists believe is derives from the Spanish word for 'cask'.

What is the Spanish word for Cuba?

Cuba is the Spanish word for Cuba.

Who named Cuba?

Cuba is a Taino word that may mean fertile land. The Taino are one of the first tribes of people in the area of Cuba.

What does the word Havana mean?

It is a noun and describes only the Capital of Cuba.

What is the french word for Cuba?


What does A LA BAHO mean from Cuba?

There is no such word in Cuba. Perhaps your spelling is off or you are using phonics. In any case, sorry, no luck in the translation.

Why is the country of Cuba named Cuba?

The word Cuba comes from the Taino word Caobana. The Spanish named the island Juana, but everyone called it Cuba.

What does eres de Cuba mean?

It means : Are you from Cuba?

Goodbye in Cuba?

In Cuba, the word for goodbye in Spanish is 'adios'. Another word used by Cubans for goodbye is 'chao'. Cuba is a Spanish speaking country.

What is the English word for spanish word cuba?

The English word for the country "Cuba," is still the same in Spanish. It is pronounced "KOO-bah".

Is Cuba a nation?

Cuba is a Republic, and if you mean country, then yes.

What words describe the word Cuba?

Were there benfits of having an industrialized nation in Cuba? (did Cuba receive any technology? Goods Cuba may have normally not have access to?)

What does quanta la mera mean in spanish?

It means nothing... It is a mistake. The real word is "Guantanamera", a person from Guantánamo (Cuba)

What does 'soy de Cuba' mean?

It means, "I'm from Cuba".

What does quien es de cuba mean in English?

it means: who's from Cuba

What does yo quiero ir a cuba contigo mean?

I want to go to Cuba with you.

What is the general attitude of cuba?


What does pipo mean in cuba?


What does papaya mean in Cuba?


What does Cuba mean in spanish?

'Cuba' is, of course, the name of a country. 'cuba' means: cask, big-bellied person, and (colloquially) boozer

How do you say the word time in Cuba?

How do you say the word time in Cuban

How do they say the word fish in Cuba?


What did the term Cuba libre mean?

It means, "free Cuba." The 'free' is not a verb; it's an adjective.

Is Cuba a concrete or abstract noun?

The noun 'Cuba' is a concrete noun, a word for a physical place that can be seen and touched.

How do people in Cuba vote?

one word balls