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What does the word alpha and omega mean in a wolf society?


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May 11, 2012 3:26PM

The alpha is by defination the leader of the wolf pack, the aplha male and the alpha female are the ones with the best gene pool - physical superiority, and get the first share in the prey they have hunted, also they are the ones which lead the hunt.

They are identified their distinctive howl (they are generally the first to start a howl, to communitate for hunt or otherwise), upward direction of their ears and tale, depicting dominance, and they regulary show their strength on the other members of the pack, to discourage rebellion. In many dog/wolf groups the alpha's hold the right to reproduction, but this is not universal.

The omega is bottom rung of the pack, the one behind the pack, they are identified by drooping ears and the tails between their legs, signifying submission, they generally get the left overs of the kill, after the alpha's and beta's have had their fill. They are always dominated by alpha's and beta's.