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What does the word autonomy mean?

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IT MEANS: independence or freedom, as of the WILL or one's actions

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What is the antonym for the word autonomy?

Heteronomous is the antonym for autonomy.

What do you mean by fiscal autonomy for Philippines?

what is fiscal autonomy in the philippines

What is autonomy?

The word 'autonomy' is a noun, a word for freedom from external control or influence; a word for the power or right of self-government; a word for a thing.

Can you give a sentence using the word autonomy?

sorry i do not know what is autonomy . [was that helpful?]

What does auto mean at the beginning of a word?

working by itself examples: * automatic * autocratic * autocracy * autonomous, autonomy

Is the word autonomy a verb?

No, it is a noun.

What is the root word of autonomy?


Can you give me a sentence with the word autonomy?

Parents raise children until they can act with autonomy.Many teens want few rules but do not know the responsibilities of autonomy.Autonomy is a desired trait in adults.

What is an example of a sentence using the word autonomy?

Example sentence - Contrary to what she believed, the home was not run with autonomy.

What is another word for self rule?


How do you use the word autonomy in a sentence?

America gained their autonomy after they won the war against England.Autonomy means independence, the state of governing yourself. Here are some sentences.He gained autonomy from his overbearing parents when he moved to London.The tribe battled for autonomy from their conquerors.Autonomy of thought can be a great thing.

What is the Greek word for rule witch means?


A word that starts with auto?

Automatic, automobile, autonomy

What does autonomy mean?

Autonomy is the condition of being self-governing or independent. Limited autonomy is often granted to territories or overseas possessions, or to regional governmental units within a country.

What does autonomy mean in this sentence ''youth had more autonomy from adults than ever before''?

freedom; self-rule

What does autonomy mean when referring to government?

Self government

What words begin with the word auto?

automobile automatic autograph autonomy

What is the word that starts with auto and means when the country is ruled by its own people?


What word means in individual's independence from family that strengthens during adolescence?


What part of speech is autonomy?

Autonomy is a noun.

How do you use autonomy in a sentence?

Autonomy; personal independence How long will it be until Iraq has its own autonomy? The rebels have been agitating for autonomy for years now.

What is the word that starts with auto and that means the country is ruled by its own people?

Autonomous (country), autonomy

Confucianism encouraged the idea of individual autonomy?

individual autonomy

What is the population of Autonomy Corporation?

The population of Autonomy Corporation is 1,900.

When was Autonomy Corporation created?

Autonomy Corporation was created in 1996.