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What does the word computer mean?

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The word "computer" is best defined as "a machine that computes." Compute means to make a mathematical calculation. And, in fact, the first computers were designed to help solve math problems that were too complex to be done in one's head or on paper.

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What does the spanish word ordenador mean?

it means: computer. another word for computer is computadora

What do you mean by word length of a computer give example?

what do you mean the word files

In computer language what does the word progra mean?

In the computer language the word "progra" is short for program. The word "progra" is shorthand or slang for the word program in the computer language.

What is the mean of words computer computer?

aren't those the same word?

What does word mean in computer class?


What does the spanish word computardora mean?


What does 'ordinateur' mean?

The word 'ordinateur' is the French word for computer. The word for 'home computer' is 'ordinateur domestique'. The word for 'personal computer' is 'ordinateur individuel'. And the word for 'laptop' is 'ordinateur portable'.

What does the word cookie mean in computer jargon?

Wat does Cookie mean

What does the word IM mean on a computer?

Instant Messenger

What is a word in a computer?

If you mean Microsoft Word than this is a text processing program.

What does word computer mean?

a computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a list of instructuions.

What did the word computer mean before computers were invented?

Before modern computers were invented word "computer" meant "somebody who computes".

What origin is the word interpreter from?

Do you mean its computer usage origin ?

How do you use the word computer in a sentence?

Do you mean, what is an example of a sentence with the word computer in it? If that is the case, then an example could be: My parents decided to invest in a computer, since we live in an age of technology.

What does the word 'browse' mean in computer terminology?

Browse does actually mean browse.

What does calcoladoia mean in spanish?

What? That's not a word in Spanish. Do you perhaps mean 'calculadora' = calculator, computer

What do you mean of Personal Digital Assistant?

It is another word for a handheld computer

What does un ordinateur mean?

Un ordinateur is the French word for "a computer."

What does the word rom mean in computer technology?

Read-Only Memory

How to say cookies in french?

If you mean the cookies left on your computer when you surf the Internet, the word is "témoins". If you mean those you eat, the word is "biscuits".

What does computadora mean in spanish?

Computer. The word "computadora" is a Latin American word. Spaniards use "ordenador".

What does 'un ordinateur' mean?

The words 'un ordinateur' means a computer. In the word-by-word translation, the indefinite article 'un' means 'a, an, one'. And the noun 'ordinateur' means 'computer'.computer

What does it mean to transfer from the web server to your computer?

In a single word: "Download". This means that something on a remote computer will be transferred (copied/downloaded...) to your local computer.

What does the word certin mean?

CERT-In = Indian Computer Emergency Response Team

What does the word DOC mean in computer terms?

Doc is just a Text Document