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Become pregnant. It happens when the sperm fertilisies the egg and the egg implants in the wall of the uterus (womb).

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Q: What does the word conceive mean?
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What does teneo mean?

Teneo is a Latin word. The meaning of the word is to grasp, know, conceive, recollect, bear in mind, or understand.

What do you mean by the word sterile?

To be sterile means to be unable to conceive children. It also means to be germ free.

What is the root of the word inconceivable?


What is the root word of inconceivable?


What is similar in meaning to conceive?

Depends on the context, conceive can be to understand. If you have a specific use for the word, that might help.

What does conceive mean?

Multiple Meanings of Conceive"Conceive" means that you get pregnant or actually "to become pregnant."Conceive also means:to form or develop in the mind: conceive a plan to make better apprehend mentally; understand: finally conceived the meaning of the wordto be of the opinion that; think: couldn't conceive that she would do anything like thatto begin or originate in a specific way: a new organization conceived out of the need for people to come togetherto form or hold an idea: People conceived that he was telling the truth.

What does conceive your child mean?

It means you got pregnant.

What does concive mean?

"Conceive" means to get pregnant. Dictionaries are your friend.

What does the design of a car mean?

To conceive and draw plans for an automobile.

What is a sentence using the word conceive?

He conceived the project while he was on vacation.

A sentence including the word conceive?

The mother conceived her child with her husband.

What are all the words with ceive as a part of the word?

Receive, Deceive, Conceive

You are trying to conceive but you are eating so much at the moment does this mean you are pregnant?


What does to conjure mean?

To conjure is to summon demons, or metaphorically to invoke or conceive.

Does conceive mean when the egg and sperm meet?

That's exactly what it means.

Can a female conceive 2days after her menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, this is when a female would conceive - I think you mean two days after her period. Yes, a female can conceive two days after her period if her cycle is short.

What is another word for believing?

accept, accredit, admit, affirm, conceive conlude...

What are some words that have the root word ceive?


How do you spell emagin?

The likely word is to imagine (picture in one's mind, conceive).

What does the word frame mean?

The noun 'frame' is a word for a rigid structure that surrounds or encloses something; a word for an underlying structure that supports something; a word for a thing.The verb 'frame' means to enclose within a structure; to build a supporting structure; to conceive or design; to formulate terminology; to contrive evidence; a word for an action.

What is mean by TTC?

TTC is an abbreviation of 'trying to conceive' Which evidently means trying to get pregnant

Does conceive mean when the baby is now there?

It is the time when the baby is first created. This is when the egg is fertilized.

When did you conceive if your due date is November 242009?

Do you mean November 24th 2008? Because if it was 24th November 2009 you won't conceive until next March. If you mean November 24th 2008, then you conceived roughly March 3rd 2008

Can you swim when trying to conceive?

If you can do it without drowning each other, sex while swimming is tricky. If you mean can you swim before and after sex while trying to conceive, there shouldn't be any reason not to.

How many definitions are there for the word framing?

The word framing has multiple meanings. Many dictionaries give it at least three definitions. It could mean the process of building or constructing something, or it could refer to a system of frames. It could also mean to conceive of or design something, or to create false evidence to incriminate a person.