What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?


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What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

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aqua means water and when u say aquatic you mean water like ecosystem with diff.types of algeas,protist,plankton,and more.

They are talking about sex. They are talking about Human Reproduction. they are talking about nature and the delicate balance in the ecosystem. how the birds are dependent on the bees for food. :)

They mean that life occurs in many forms, many places, many colours, and so on.

An ecosystem is an environment in which organisms are able to live.

Marine or salt lake ecosystem is called salt water ecosystem .

what do mean of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem

I think you mean who does belong? Everyone and everything belongs to the ecosystem.

Land. Aquatic would mean they live primarily in water, and no monkeys do.

Ecosystem means: The living and nonliving things in an environment, and all their interactions.

Why is this question categorized in Pregnancy ANDWild Animals?Are you talking about the prophylactic sponges used to prevent pregnancy, or are you talking about the aquatic animals?Or perhaps you're talking about the porous, absorbent thingies you use to wash the dishes.If that's what you mean, you certainly should not try to eat them. If they get lodged in your throat, you could choke to death.

Aquatic turtles eat vegetation when they don't find meat and when they are old. What I mean by vegetation is aquatic vegetation (like corals) and what I mean by meat is jellyfish (not chicken). If you don't find any of these things, moss would do.

biotic mean everything that has life in an ecosystem

The term "Marine ecosystem" means that its underwater. Example: An ocean or a lake.

In any ecological system on the earth,first consumers are herbivores e.g.grasshopers,rabit,deer etc. in forest ecosystem,tadpole larva of frog in aquatic ecosystem. Third consumers are always carnivores.e.g.snake is third consumer as it eats frog & frog is secondry consumer as it eats grasshoper,which is a first consumer(herbivore).

The destruction of an ecosystem involves interference with the natural state of an environment. This could mean killing animals and vegetation or introducing pollutants into the environment.

The Latin word aqua, the spanish word agua, the Italian acqua all mean water.

do you mean savanna or savannah? If you are, it is a tropical, grassland or woodland ecosystem.

kind of, an ecosystem includes what eats what and stuff like that where a habitat is just where things live

They have an interest in you or in talking

this question doesnt make sense ,there are millions of a-biotic and biotic organisms living in the ecosystem ,if you mean "what are the stages of an ecosystem?" i can help youits goes likeorganismcommuintypopulationbiomeecosystemand so on

If by "ecosystem" you mean foodchain, then yes. Berries could start a foodchain, therefore are producers.

An aquarium is considered an ecosystem because everything in it can live in the aquarium. Changes in the aquarium can mean life or death for the fish just as in the real world.

It refers to the non-living things in an ecosystem.

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