What does this mean ''Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge hammer''?

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It is a famous quote by Major I.L. Holdridge USMC in reference to an AR-type rifle.
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Who invented the sledge hammer and when?

The sledge type hammer is thousands of years old. The originalpurpose of this type of hammer was probably to break rocks inmining operations. No one actually knows who invented it.

What does appropriate mean?

If something is appropriate it's acceptable, allowed, or okay. Eg: Breaking that window was not acceptable; meaning that it was not okay to break the window. Eg: Yes, i think it is acceptable for you to buy that donut. Meaning that the person think's it's okay, or allowed, to buy the donut. It al ( Full Answer )

When Roy's father said sometimes there is a fine line between courage and stupidity what did he mean Give an example of a situation which his advice might be appropriate?

Something is usually deemed courageous in retrospect since an act of courage usually consists of facing ridiculous odds so at the time of the decision the difference is vague and an act is usually only called courageous if he sucedes in acheiving the desired effect, EX:1) A serial killer is holding ( Full Answer )

What is sledge?

Sledging , mildly offensive comments made by the fielding team in cricket to the batsman in effort to reduce his concentration it is also the bord that slides on ice

What is a sledge?

a sledge is a vehicle that runs over ice or snow and can carry passengers.

What word means the killing of an entire race?

The word used is genocide . However, this word is also used to denote the killing of a substantial number of members of an ethnic group, forcible transfer, deliberate destruction of an ethnic group's culture.

Does komatik mean a dog sledge?

please look below and you will find the answer! . yes that is right or is it....? Gosh it is right guys you know and i know now!! lol .

Does a hammer shark swim in lakes sometimes?

It is possible to swim through from an ocean to a river then to a lake but generally, No. Bull Sharks are the only sharks that are found in lakes.

How do you enhance sledge hammer in stick RPG?

1. Get toilet paper from wallymart. 2. Give to the guy in the mens bathroom of Syke's bar. 3. Answer the dude in the men's bathroom of the club's riddle to obtain einstinium. 4. take to guy in the laundry matt. he'll fix it up for you. All done.

How do you upgrade your sledge hammer on stick rpg 2?

1. got to the club. 2. go tot the mens bathroom and answer einsteins brothers question. 3.take the einstienium to the dude at the laundry mat. 4.he'll fix it up and you need other stuff too but i don't know what they are. i'm still looking for them.

How big is a sledge hammer?

A Sledge Hammer Is A Big Hammer Used To Break Heavy Material Such As Concrete , Stone, Thick Glass etc. It Can Be Around 200 Pounds And It Will Be Fatal If Someone Gets hit With One. It Is A Long , Thick Wooden Stick With A Big Metal Rectangular Top. I Hope This Helps!

When was the sledge hammer invented?

It is believed that the sledge hammer was invented about 30,000 BC during the middle of the Paleolithic Stone Age.

Why did Charles dickens call a Christmas carol a sledge hammer to society?

He wrote it as a call to change the culture. He was living at the industrial revolution. This transition from agriculture to industry was not smooth with protections in place for the more vulnerable population.The poor, especially the poor's children had no rights, and the safety nets provided for t ( Full Answer )

How do you advance the sledge hammer in stick RPG 2?

After you buy the toilet paper in Wally-Mart, go to the bathroom in Skye's Bar. Give the toilet paper to the guy on the toilet to get the sledgehammer. To advance it, obtain lots of intelligence (either by going to U of S or S.I.T.) and go to the Nightclub on the third island (between Eleven-Seven a ( Full Answer )

How do you get the sledge hammer in Zelda 64?

After defeating the first Flare Dancer in the Fire Temple, go upthe elevator and through the corridor. In the next room, use a bombto activate the crystal, and go up before the fire comes back.There, press on the switch, and run up the stairs and to the chestbefore the fire around the chest comes ba ( Full Answer )

How do you enhance sledge hammer in stick rpg2 the second time?

To get the super sledge you need 1.450,000 2.heavy sledge 3.unobtainium i dont know how number 3 is spelt so yeah you buy the unobtainium from the yellow guy that sells illegal items go to the laundromat and give the green guy the unobtainium

How big is the drop on sledge hammer?

Pretty quick drop, i couldn't even feel it. AT ALL. I was 11 when i went and i loved it. It is about 80 feet tall. Really cool. Have fun!!

When is it appropriate to strike the pope in the forehead with a silver hammer?

Whether it is appropriate or not, there is an actual ritual prescribed for when the pope is discovered in a non-responsive state without the usual signs of life. A designee strikes the pope on the forehead with a ritual silver hammer (similar to the one doctors strike the knee to test for reflexes) ( Full Answer )

Who created the TV series Sledge Hammer?

Alan Spencer created the TV Series Sledge Hammer. Sledge Hammer starred David Rasche. David played the part of Inspector Sledge Hammer. The series ran for two seasons on TV between 1986 and 1988.