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If the question is: no quiero que te MATE tu novia, then it means "I don't want your girlfriend to kill you".

i dont want you to kill your girlfriend...creepy

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What does Quiero usted ser mi novia mean?

Do you wanna be my girlfriend?

What does novia mean in English?

Novia means 'new'.Novia is a star that is temporaily extremily bight.

What does Te quiero decir mean in English?

Te quiero decir = I want to tell you.

What does te quiero comer mean in english?

Te quiero comer = I want you to eat.

What does quiero algún gatito mean in English?

quiero algun gatito = I want a kitty

What does tu eres mi novia mean in English?

It means "you are my girlfirend".

What does te quiero tanto mean in English?

Quiero tanto: I want so much Te quiero tanto: I love you so much

What does llama quiero verte mean in English?

"Llama, quiero verte" is Spanish for "call me, I want to see you."

What does yo soy nessectio una novia mean in English?

The "soy" is not necessary in this sentence. "Necesito una novia" means I need a girlfiriend.

What does eres la mejor novia mean?

Spanish > English you are the best girlfriend

In english what does no te quiero mean?

Translation: I don't like you

What does Quiero que tú mean in english?

Translation: I want that you…

What does si te quiero mean in english?

Translation: I do love you.

What does Quiero verte mean in english?

Translation: I want to see you.

What does Quiero presentarte mean in English?

It means: I want to present you

What does 'mi novia bonita' mean in English?

It means, my lovely girlfriend.

Mata in English?

It can mean: 'too' or 'also' usually is at the beginning of a sentence.

What does yo te quiero mean in english?

Translation: I like/ love you.

What does te quiero papi mean in english?

Translation: I love you daddy

What Does Te quiero papá Mean In English?

Translation: I love you dad.

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