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Q: What does this mean in french tu t'appelles comment?
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What does cava bien tu tappelles comment mean?

It means- How are you? What's your name?

What does tu tappelles comment mean in french?

its just what is your name and you answer it like j'emmapelle (your name) It should be written 'Comment t'appelle tu?' which could be translated as 'Whats your name you?' the answer is Je m'appelle Henri or whatever

What does comment vas-tu mean in french?

Comment vas-tu is an informal way of saying "How are you?"

What does comment t'apelle mean in french?

It doesn't mean anything, but can come from a mishearing of "comment t'appelles-tu ?" or "comment tu t'appelles ?" which mean "What's your name?"

What does comment t' appelles tu mean?

It means "What is your name?" in French:)comment tu t' appelles means:What is your name in French

What does comment t'appelles-tu mean in English?

comment t'appelles-tu means 'what are you called / what is your name' in French.It means "What is your name?" in French:)comment tu t' appelles means:What is your name in French

What does hello how are you mean in french?

Salut, comment vas-tu

What does comment t'appelles-tu in french?

comment t'appelles-tu? / comment tu t'appelles? = what's your name?

How you doing in french?

comment ca vas or comment vas-tu or comment tu-vas

Your name is in French?

comment tu t'appelle or comment t'appelle tu is what is your name

How are you in French?

comment vas-tu ? / comment allez-vous ?comment vas-tu? google translate :)

What is your name in French?

To say what is your name in French, you write down comment t'appelles tu?comment tu t'appelles

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