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if he really loves you he would not lie to you..

Compliment them on something (even if the compliment is a complete lie) then start a conversation off of the compliment (but during the convo don't lie) say something like i love your shirt were did you get it, the person replies the you say something like ill have to go there after practice, they say what sport do you play and keep the convo going and you just made a friend love you

some men lie to say they love you but they also lie because they might care

Because its easier to lie and give you hope then be strong and say that they won't.

Do you mean ill fated? Unlucky.

awkward like somtimes if ill blush ill say blushies

je t'aime pour toujours (ill love u forever)

I say "I love you Kareem"... I mean what else is there to say. If you mean it say, if not just continue the conversation...

u mean song and i agree with you if someone has some smart beep answer than say it ill watch this site and wait for you

buy his/her favorite treat. say 'if you finish your food, ill give you your favorite treat' but mean it!!! he/she will be dissapointed if you lie to him/her and will never trust you on that trick again!!!

maybe he wont say i love u because that's not how he feels and he doesnt want to lie 2 u

answer this question why are you dating them? if they lie then your dating a fake!!!!! DUMP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

To answer your question it is ik zie je graag. but now i need something from you how to say i love you in old English my wife would love it for her birthday:) ill get some

this makes no sense at all what are you trying to say?

To be ill, means that one is sick. Not feeling well, caught something, that's a few other ways to say it.

Me encanta la forma en que mientes.

Tell her why. Don't lie. Be real and if you don't be honest about that too.

It means they secretly LOVE you..oooh haha no lie its cuz they mean their shy to think about emwhat you will say or worried..hope I answered ur question but if not sorry

You can say love in all languages it just matters what kind of love you mean

Mean they care about you but are not In Love with you