What does this quote mean as long as the mind is enslaved the body can never be free?

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It means that your mind is enslaved (trapped) in matter which is what your body is made of. Your body can not be free as long as mind is trapped in matter, because mind equals spirit, and mind is the cause and matter is the manifest of spirit. Everything you see in the temporal world was created from the invisible.
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What does the quote 'Minds are like parachutes They only function when open' mean?

Minds are like parachutes... . An open mind is a mind that is non-judging, open to new thoughts, ways of doing things. That does not see obstacles but opportunities.. Open mind in action . Before you think about the meaning of this quote, you need to be clear of some terms that seem to be qui ( Full Answer )

What does the quote 'To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society' mean?

This famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt is in fact very clear: A person without moral education (mainly by parents as well as schooling) tends to act selfish and is likely to disregard the consequences of his/her actions on the others and general welfare of the society. However, as we almost always ( Full Answer )

The world will little note nor long remember what you say here but it can never forget what you did here what does this quote mean?

Answer . You have misquoted Mr. Lincoln, Abraham, that is. He said, "The world will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can never forget what they did here." He was speaking at Gettysburg on November 19, 1863 just after the Union had won the battle of Gettysburg. This battle to ( Full Answer )

What does this Epictetus quote mean - 'No man is free who is not master of himself'?

It means that in order to be truly free you need to be in full control of yourself and not governed by wild and woolly emotions. . ANSWER: . Freedom brings great responsibility as there are always consequence to our actions. In order to avoid unwanted consequences it is better to master oneself. ( Full Answer )

What does 'None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free' mean?

What J W Goethe meant by this quote is probably this: If the enslaved are aware of the fact that they are enslaved, the system is practically unsustainable and there are many good examples in history. The enslaved have strong incentive to rise against their slavers and the slavers have to guard t ( Full Answer )

What does the quote Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains mean?

What Jean-Jacques Rousseau meant is that government, social class,wealth and poverty are man-made prisons in which people trap eachother. In the "state of nature" to which we are all born, thosethings do not exist. Remember that in his day there were nodemocracies to speak of. People everywhere were ( Full Answer )

''None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free'' what does this mean?

Those who are slaves will eventually become so desperate for freedom that they will fight, and if necessary, die for it. People fight for their freedom because they are tired of being slaves. If a slave allows himself to be falsely convinced he is already free, then in his mind, he has nothing to fi ( Full Answer )

What does enslaved mean?

Enslaved means: if someone was enslaved, then they would have been made into a slave or it is as if they were made into a slave

What does it mean to give someone your mind body and soul?

Giving someone your mind body and soul is exactly what it sounds like. Submission to their will. Their wants, whims, desires, however you'd like to phrase it. It's submission. When you conciously force yourself to think of a person, you give them your mind. When you disregard your physical needs (wh ( Full Answer )

Never say never quote by?

'Never say never' is an example of a tautology, a concept which reverts meaning upon itself.. If the injunction is to not say 'never', the thought is violated with the first 'never' of the phrase.. The concept of word games and word play precedes written language itself. Some other tautologies inc ( Full Answer )

What does your mind is saying no but you body is saying yes mean?

It is a way of saying that your logic and sensibility are telling you that something (usually sex) is a bad idea, but your emotions want to go ahead and do it. Usually, it's your brain's way of telling you something is a very bad idea!

What is the meaning of a Healthy mind is a healthy body?

That means that if you think first about what you're going to eat - the thought should be healthy - or whatever you're going to do, maybe thinking about if you want to smoke or take drugs, if you say no to the bad things you're using a healthy mind to develop a healthy body. A healthy mind is a sens ( Full Answer )

What does the quote the sun never sets on the British Empire mean?

It meant that the British Empire was so huge and covered so many parts of the globe that it was always daylight somewhere in the empire. The British Empire used to be so big that countries all over the world were occupied by the British. So during every minute of every day the sun was above the h ( Full Answer )

What does A sound mind in a sound body mean?

The term "A sound body and mind" is often heard in legal matters.It means that a person is deemed healthy enough mentally andphysically to make rational decisions.

What does it mean free moving quotes?

Free Moving Quotes are the estimates provided by moving companies, which has been estimated according to the distance you move, the luggage you have, whether you pack or they pack, other stationeries like boxes, tapes, etc,.

What does the quote nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose mean?

People can tend to panic, get confused, or just run around in circles if they're not really sure what they should be doing. However, if you have a clear goal in mind, it's much easier to focus specifically on that goal and the things you need to do to get there, and ignore irrelevant distractions. ( Full Answer )

What does the quote Great minds have purposes others have wishes mean?

To me it sounds like great minds set out to do what others spend a lifetime wishing they could do. Some people use their waking hours perhaps dreaming of writing a novel; another person will just sit down and do. We may also see in this saying that whereas many people pass their time satisfying mate ( Full Answer )

What does Epictetus quote mean only the educated are free?

It means that only by continuing to challenge yourself and your surroundings' can you be free, it does not mean educated in the literal sense but in the sense that you must never stop learning and questioning and must never accept things blindly.

What does the quote man is born free and everywhere he is in irons mean?

It means that everyone is born free and independent, with unlimited freedoms and also unlimited risks. Which is why from the moment we are born we are burdened by restrictions and responsibility from society, thus the "chains" or irons part. We give up the freedoms that we have when we are born in o ( Full Answer )

What exactly does free auto insurance quote mean?

customer buy insurance policy to keep themselves safe against loss, policies could be acquired for harm to a car,to a home,for medical expenses,or for loss of life, Insurance provider provide insurance coverage quotes for you to potential customers to disclose the costs and terms of getting insura ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of free quotes for painting?

Giving a free quote for panting means that some one is offering services of painting a house or something else They will look at the job for free to tell you how much it will cost to do the job.

How long does it take to get a free car insurance quote?

It is possible to get a free car insurance quote within minutes of inserting one's information online. Some quotes require a few hours to be received by email, but these quotes are still free.

What does the expression mind over body mean?

It refers to the mind and will power. Your body may feel week and as a result you physically, but if you put your mind to it (perseverance and determination) and obstacle can be conquered.