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Q: What does three point contact mean using an excavator?
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What is the hourly fuel consumption of a JCB JS220 excavator?

This will depend on how hard you are using it. If the machine is idling, it is not going to use as much as when you are using it full steam.

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The three point stance is a common stance in the NFL. However, the wide receivers stopped using this stance in 1984.

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Combine the equations together and using the quadratic equation formula it works out that the point of contact is at (5/8, 5/2)

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Depending on the use and where are you using it, it should work very good for you.

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Bakau pile can be pile into the ground by using the excavation arm of a 20 tons excavator to press into the ground.

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Excavator is heavy contraction pieces of equipment. It operates using steel rope for movement. The movements are from using hydraulic cylinders and fundamentally different from cable operated excavators.

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I recommend a bucket-wheel excavator such as the Bagger 288. They are economical to operate and much faster than using shovels.

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Can you list the three precautions in using the ammeter?

Make sure it is placed in the circut series so you can measure the electrical current at a specific point.

What is reference point in physics?

A reference point in physics is a point in space, regardless of the type of geometry that you are using, that stays still and does not move. From this point, the behavior of an object moving through that space can be determined. In three-dimensional space, the reference point is usually considered to be the zero point where all 3 axes are 0.

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