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What does timbre mean?

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timbre - Actor Paul Robeson is famous for the rich timbre of his voice.

; Main Entry : tim·bre ; Variant(s) : also tim·ber \ˈtam-bər, ˈtim-; ˈtam(brə)\ ; Function : noun ; Etymology : French, from Middle French, bell struck by a hammer, from Old French, drum, from Middle Greek tymbanon kettledrum, from Greek tympanon - more at tympanum ; Date : 1845 : the quality given to a sound by its overtones: as a: the resonance by which the ear recognizes and identifies a voiced speech sound b: the quality of tone distinctive of a particular singing voice or musical instrument

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What does timbre mean in english?

French to English Timbre mean Stamp

What is timbre mean in a musical terms?

Timbre is the level of sound quality of a musical instrument.

What does the term timbre mean in music?

Timbre means the quality of sound that distinguishes one voice or instrument from another.

What does timbre mean in music terms?

Timbre is the characteristic or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.

Does structure and timbre mean the way the sound starts and stops?

Structure can have different meanings, but Timbre infers tone, not duration

What does the musical element timbre mean?

The quality of sound!!

What does trimbre mean in music terms?

The word is "timbre," which means the quality or type of sound. For example, a trumpet has a different timbre than a cello.

How do you pronounce timbre?

Timbre is pronounced TAM-BAR

What is the timbre of a snare drum?

it is a rough and enchanting timbre

What does the french word timre mean in enlgish?

If you mean timbre : stamp. But it can also caracterize the sound of a voice or of an instrument.

What is the timbre of a guitar?

The timbre of a guitar is guitar timbre. I'm not sure you know what timbre is. It's the sound an instrument or voice has, so it can't be described, only heard. So, whichever guitar you have, the way it sounds is its timbre. On the same pitch your singing voice and your guitar, or your flute or whatever, sound different than each other, that difference is the timbre. Timbre cannot be described in numerical terms.

What is timbre in a song?

a timbre in a song is the tone colour or tone quality. Examples of Timbre: how does the song sound, is it sad and somber, or is it light and happy, or something in-between. is the musci peasing or is it harsh?

What does the musical term 'timbre' mean?

Timbre is the tone quality or color, the acoustic texture produced by a given instrument. It's how the listener can discern different instruments or voices, and is typically described with vague adjectives like dark, warm, bright, and so on. Some acousticians have described timbre as everything about the sound besides its pitch and volume.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------In simple terms, timbre is what makes a particular musical sound different from another, even when they have the same pitch and loudness.

What is the timbre of a harp?

The timbre of a harp is smooth, mystical, bewitching, enchanting and haunting.

What is harp timbre?

timbre is the sound made from a harp.!thankss.. lovee nessah && noelle...=)

How are dynamics and timbre controlled on a harpsichord?

You can't use dynamics or timbre on a harpsichord, but you can on a piano

What is timbre in African music?

timbre is the instruments and voices in the piece of music being played

When was Timbre - album - created?

Timbre - album - was created in 1919-11.

What does all these mean Pitch Tempo Texture Timbre Duration Dynamics Structure?

they are the basic elements of music

What is the timbre of classical music?

the timbre of classical music? i was about to askthat as well! it consists of voices and instruments

What is the timbre throughout the song true blue?

The timbre is mellow, warm and resonant on all instruments.

How do you describe the timbre of a song?

The timbre of a song is specifically referring to the emotions given off from the song

What is a trumpets timbre?

The timbre (pronounced 'tam-ber') of an instrument refers to the quality of the sound it produces.The term be used to compare different instruments or different players of the same instrument:A trumpet has a different timbre than a piano.Wynton Marsalis has an unmatched timbre.

What are the six classifications of timbre?

Timbre is simply the feel that distinguishes one sound from another; a flute from an oboe.

How do you say postage stamp in French?

A postage stamp is 'un timbre / un timbre-poste' in French.