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Nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco, is a stimulant compound. For those individuals who are already predisposed to Heart disease and coronary artery narrowing, nicotine stimulation can cause coronary artery vasospasm and attacks of angina pain.

Smoking cigarettes is a known risk factory for coronary artery disease.

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Where is tobacco land of the Philippines?

in your heart

What is the product in tobacco smoke that damages the heart?

nicotine affects the heart

What is the effect of tobacco?

Tobacco can lead to lung cancer, heart problem, and other cancers.

How is the heart affected by tobacco?

the heart is affected by tobacco because tobacco is absorbed in to our blood and is dropped off in our lungs and eventually will cause us lung cancer or asthma or our lungs will fail and we will die!!!!!

What does tobacco do to the heart?

tobacco itself is mostly harmless. the heart is not likely to take damage from tobacco at all. the most dangerous about tobacco is the added chemicals. most common in use is perfume and mild painkiller so your throat won't get sore.

What does the tobacco do to your body?

It can slow your heart rate

Does all tobacco effect your heart?

Yes. Tobacco contains nicotine which a stimulant. Nicotine raises blood pressure and heart rate and overtime can cause plaque buildup, heart attack, or stroke.

What heart condition results in death?

heart failure, heart attack, and smoking, and using chewing tobacco

What does smokeless tobacco do to the heart?

Smokeless tobacco and cigarettes affects the heart by increasing your chances of getting a heart attack. After constant exposure to the substances in tobacco, the arteries in your body start to shrink. This increases your cholesterol level and white cell count, which in turn causes a blockage in the artery. This restricts the blood and oxygen supply flowing to the heart which triggers the heart attack.

What tobacco does to the blood?

tobacco can temporarily raise blood pressure, and it DOES increase the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases.

What are illnesses caused by tobacco?

obviously lung cancer or heart failure (heart attack or stroke)

Why do tobacco smokers get heart attacks?

because they have contains drugs

How can using tobacco cause heart disease?

From the chemicals in the product.

What are the health risks of chewing tobacco?

People who chew tobacco have an increased risk of heart disease and mouth and throat cancer.

What is in a sigarette?

it is a tobacco product if you smoke it may give you heart disorders like making your heart stop or your heart bleeding to death.

Does tobacco affect your heart beat?

Yes, it can affect your B/P.

What organs does tobacco affect?

The Alveoli,Mouth,Heart,Blood,and Larynx

What is a chemical in tobacco smoke that makes the heart beat faster?


What are the short term affects of tobacco on respiration and heart rate?

there are none

How does tobacco affect heart disease?

because of the smoke it lets off

What can help a heart attcak?

5 medication-free strategies to help prevent heart diseaseYou can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are five strategies to help you protect your heart.Don't smoke or use tobacco Smoking or using tobacco is one of the most significant risk factors for developing heart disease

How does tobacco effect the heart?

It's not so much the tobacco itself that effects the heart, but the tar contained inside the tobacco. The tar not only clogs up the arteries when small amounts are absorbed into the bloodstream, but also the fact that it clogs up the lungs, means that extra strain is put onto the heart by the decreasing amount of oxygen the lungs are taking in.

What are major diseases caused by smokeless tobacco?

Cancers, strokes and heart-related diseases are all associated with tobacco usage in any form.

What are the dangers of tobacco use?

Lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, stroke...

How do the use of tobacco products affect your personal fitness?

it will effect your heart rate