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Pasta, Pizza and vegetarian sushi since they are vegatarians now.

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Does tom Kaulitz eat vegetables?

Yes he does.

Is Tom kaulitz dead?

no tom kaulitz is not dead.

How tall is Tom Kaulitz?

Tom Kaulitz is 6'1".

Why is tom kaulitz a pervert?

Tom Kaulitz is not a pervert.

Does tom kaulitz can skate?

yes tom kaulitz can skate

Is simone bill and tom kaulitz mother?

Yes, Simone Kaulitz is the mother of Tom and Bill Kaulitz.

Does Tom Kaulitz have a kid?

No, Tom Kaulitz does not have any children at this time.

Where are bill and tom kaulitz from?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are from Magdeburg,Germany.

Does Tom Kaulitz have gauges?

Yes, as of this year Tom Kaulitz has guages.

What is the birth name of Tom Kaulitz?

Tom Kaulitz's birth name is Tom Kaulitz-Trmper.

Is Tom Kaulitz Asian?

Tom Kaulitz is a German. He was born in Leipzig, Germany.

Who is Bill Kaulitz's brother?

Tom KaulitzTom Kaulitz, and he plays the Guitar.

Does tom kaulitz have a middle name?

No none of them do. They are just Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

When did tom kaulitz invent MySpace?

Tom Kaulitz didn't invent MySpace.

What time was tom kaulitz born?

tom kaulitz was born on-September 1st, 1989

Is tom kaulitz a good guy?

Yes,Tom Kaulitz is a Good Guy. :D

Who is bill and tom kaulitz dad?

Jörg Kaulitz

There is a lot of info about Bill Kaulitz but what about Tom Kaulitz?

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Is bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz transvestites?

No, they're not.

Who is Tom and Bill Kaulitz father?

Jörg Kaulitz

How do you write hello my name is tom kaulitz in German?

Hallo, mein Name ist Tom Kaulitzbut more commonlyHallo, ich heiße Tom Kaulitz

Does tom kaulitz like Japanese food?

yes. When he tries to eat healthy he'll eat vegetable sushi

Who is taller tom kaulitz or bill kaulitz?

Bill is taller then Tom by about 4-5 cm.

Are Tom and Bill Kaulitz from Hamburg Germany?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were born in Leipzig, Germany.

What does tom kaulitz mean?

Tom Kaulitz means lead guitarist of Tokio Hotel!~Bredlover300