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What does trunk mean?


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ina car or something


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The trunk lid is open or the trunk ajar switch has malfunctioned

If you mean by 'trunk' the body from the waist to the chin, it's called the torso.

Trunk (deck lid) is open.Trunk (deck lid) is open.

The meaning of "the trunk of the tree" is that its the bottom part of the tree. Where the branches come out of basically.

In anatomy, the trunk is the part of the body excluding the arms, legs, and head.

I think it's mainly a way of saying "I really wanted a tattoo of an elephant. Trunk? Yeah, it should have a trunk. What about it?"

how do you name a trunk better translation is whats the word for trunk

Superstition states that an elephant (or figure of one) with its trunk up is good luck.

Depending on context, Stamm can be translated as:tribetrunk (as in tree trunk)stemroot

It might be the person's initials and last name that owned the trunk.

it means you have a big bottom in a complementary way

the trunk/stem/stock/unfeeling person

Either the trunk is open, or the trunk ajar switch has failed.

Means your trunk isn't closed properly

You mean the trunk light... its located under the dash in a panel that you pop off, in a fuse box... the fuse that goes to the trunk light is also the one being used by the dome light and such.

a trunk port is called a trunk because it is part of the back end of a car - ie a trunk.

I'm not sure what you mean by breaking, but i have a 95 cavalier, and sometimes, if the trunk release is not all the way down, the trunk lid will bounce back up....i just push it down and the trunk shuts easially every time hope this helps

Boot - British - American - Trunk, the part at the back for luggage.British/Australian bootin America it's just a trunk

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