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What does tu quiero mucho gringo mean in English?

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The "tu" should be "te". It would then mean "I love you a lot gringo".

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What do te quiero mucho mean?

'te quiero mucho' = 'I love you a lot'

What does TKM mean?

TKM = Te quiero mucho TQM = Te quiero mucho

What does te quiero mucho mean in mexico?

'te quiero mucho' = 'I love you a lot'

What does lo quiero mucho que duele mean in English?

"I love him so much that it hurts."

What is the English for Te Quiero Mucho?

Literally, this is "I want you a lot". It would be taken to mean "I love you a lot".

What does tequerro mucho mean in spanish?

'Te quiero mucho' means I love you alot.

What does the Spanish sentence ''Yo quiero tu mucho mal'' mean in English?

Literally, "I want you much evil." Or possibly "I wish you much harm." Probably not what you want to imply. Probably "Te quiero mucho."

What does TQM mean?

TQM Is an Abriviation word In spanish Meaning "Te Quiero Mucho" In English Meaning "I Love You Alot"

What does tequido mucho mean?

As written, nothing. If you mean "te cuido mucho" it would mean "I take good care of you". If you mean "te quiero mucho", it would be translated as "I love you a lot".

What does te extrano mucho ya no quiero estar asi mean in English?

I miss you so much and I dont want to be that way.

What does te mucho mean in spanish?

I think you've missed a bit - How about quiero te mucho = I want you a lot

What does quiero tu bebe mucho mean in English?

First answer. The sentence "quiero tu bebé mucho" or without accent "quiero tu bebe mucho" are both grammatically incorrect. In the first case it should be "Quiero a tu bebé mucho" which means I love your baby very much" In the second example, "bebe" without an accent is a conjugation of the verc "beber" (to drink). So "quiero tu bebe mucho" is a pretty bad construction of the sentence "quiero que bebas mucho" which means: I want you to drink a lot. i think what they are trying to say is that they want your baby, or to have children with you? not sure if this would be in the right context but that is what it sounds like. Simple answer, "I really want to have your baby."

What does yo quiero mucho mean?

I love (or want) *you* a lot .. [doesn't mention 'you']

What does te quiero mucho tambien mean?

It means, "I love you a lot too."

What does tu quiero mucho mean in spanish?

Translation: I love you so much

What does te quiero mucho bebe mean?

it means: I love you a lot, baby.

What does tkm mean in the texting language?

Te quiero mucho ( i laaa you in spanish )

What does No soy un gringo mean in English?

"I am not a gringo."gringo is a Spanish slang term for a North American.

What does Yo quiero tu muy mucho mean?

"Yo quiero tu muy mucho" is really gibberish. It is a grammatical train wreck that translates to "I want your very much." The sentence looks like some one took the English words "I [love/like/care for] you very much" and translated them to Spanish individually. Unfortunately translations don't work that way. The proper way to say "I [love/like/care for] you very much" is simply "Te quiero mucho" or "Yo te quiero mucho" You never use the words muy mucho together in Spanish.

What does te quiero mucho mi amor esperando que llegues mean in English?

Translation: I love you a lot my love. Just waiting for you to come.

What does te quiero mucho translate to in English?

"Te quiero mucho" is Spanish for "I want you very much" i know cause i talk & speak Spanish...Not exactly. Te quiero mucho translates literally to I want you very much but it doesn't mean that AT ALL. It actually means "I love you very much." This is kind of an informal way to say it. You would use this for friends. For a boy/girlfriend you would say "Te amo"

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