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"You too my sweetheart"

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what does mi corazon mean

if you meant to say "tu tienes mi corazon" it means you have my heart if you meant "yo tengo tu corazon" it means I have your heart "tu tengo mi corazon" is simply not conjugated correctly so it says tu=you tengo= i have mi= my corazon= heart you see? you i have my heart... does not quite make sense. so probably you are looking for one of the phrases i listed above.

Yo quiero tu en mi vida porque tu en mi corazon in English means I want you in my life because you in my heart.

It means, "You're my heart, you're my love, you're my life."

it means ; you have my heart for ever

there are two sentences here, tambien lo hacen = they also do it tengo tu corazon = i have your heart

that would be "you are my everything, my love, my heart, my wife"

Te quiero con todo mi corazon corina = I love you with all my heart corina

It's a bit ungrammatical, and should be: Tu me encantas porque tus ojos tienen mi corazon= You delight me because your eyes hold my heart

If you mean te amo mi amor mi corazon es tu para siempre then it means... I love you my love my heart is yours forever.

If you mean tu tambien, then it's: you too

my heart is in your hands loosely translated anyhow

You are my heart of gold. I love you.

If you mean: YO gusta tu corazon, it seems to be a mistake, and should read: Me gusta tu corazon = I like your heart (Lit. 'Your heart pleases me').

"Tu tambien" means "You too" or You also."Example:person 1: "Que tengas un buen dia." (Hope you have a nice day.)person 2: "Gracias, tu tambien." (thanks, you too)Tu tambien in Spanish means you too in English

Are you very special to me too....?

"Tu tambien" translates as "you too" or "you also".

Tu tambien, mi amigo (or amiga if it is a female friend).

'Much with all my heart but if you do not want to tell me

si, tu tambien si, tu tambien

"Me amas tu tambien?" means "Do you also love me?" or "Do you love me, too?"