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Basically, it's a variable length intake tract, which allows for high torque all through the rev range. and the sxi means sexy

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Q: What does twinport mean when referring to an astra sxi and what does sxi stand for?
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What does twinport mean when referring to vauxhall astra?

On an engine with two inlet valves per cylinder it means that there are two ports in the cylinder head and inlet manifold for each cylinder. (IE one for each valve.) Port refers to the passage that air/fuel enters the cylinder through. Older designs had one port in the manifold & head leading to the two valves.

What does z12xe mean on a corsa engine?

It is the engine code for 1.2 litre corsa C's 2000 - 2003, the corsa c's from 2003 onwards have twinport engines and the codes for those are the same with a p on the end. for example, a 1.2 twinport would be z12xep.

What does sxi in astra mean?

The SXI on a Astra stands for Sports Extra Injection. It is given to express the extras that are included on the Astra.

What does the p mean in PE?

The P in PE means potential (energy) if referring to physics. If you are referring to classes, the P would stand for physical (education).

What does per ad astra mean?

to the stars

Does vauxhall astra sri mean its a turbo car?


What does ad astra par aspera mean?

It means, "To the Stars Through Difficulty""Ad Astra Per Aspera" is in Latin

What does insp2 mean on vauxhall astra 54 plate?

You have a bulb out...

How much hp does a 1.4 astra have?

Do you mean the Pontiac Astra, the sister to Chev Vega? 2300 cc engine, if so, 90 hp.

What does function mean on your astra sxi dash display?

the owners manual to your Astra sxi has all the uses of the function button and many m ore explanations about how to use the many features of the Astra sxi.

What does cdti mean in a astra?

common rail diesel turbo injection

What does code 82 mean on vauxhall astra?

In means it needs a service

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What does twinport mean when referring to vauxhall astra?

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