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What does un rosbif mean?


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2008-05-06 10:50:10
2008-05-06 10:50:10

Rosbif, is a French term derived from roast beef and is actually used to describe the cooking method used, which was a popular among the British, and has since been used as a slightly derogatory term for the British, much like the British refer to the French as frogs, and Americans refer to the British as limeys. Rosbif is also used to describe the cooking of Roast Lamb and other meats eg "Rosbif de Mouton".


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It is, rosbif, in spanish.

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They do. The French call them "rosbif" (from "roastbeef") as well. Of course, both of these terms "frog" and "rosbif" are seen as derisive and usually not used in polite conversation.

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"roastbeef" or the frenchified 'rosbif' (which is also the nickname for the English)

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