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Crass, disgustingly uncivilized, having no manners.


opposte of polite

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Sentence using uncouth?

"uncouth" means "lacking good manners" The impolite boy was uncouth. uncouth would mean "impolite"

What dose uncouth mean?

it means uncool

How do you use uncouth in a sentence?

I have an uncouth relative who always embarrasses the family.Uncouth means- awkward, clumsy, or unmannerly.He was so uncouth when he was younger.My country cousin's seemingly uncouth behavior amazingly saved the princess from any further embarrassment by the desperados outside her carriage.

What does it mean to be rude?

to be rude means to be uncouth, untaught, boorish, ill mannered and discourteous,

What does the word ratchet mean in the slang?

Rude, disrespectful, will do anything, uncouth, foul mouth

What does it mean when someone calls you common?

From a poor background. The opposite of posh. Can also mean coarse, uncouth, vulgar.

What rhymes with Duluth?


What is the Tagalog of too much truth is uncouth?

Tagalog translation of TOO MUCH TRUTH IS UNCOUTH: Ang sobrang kaalaman ay kabastusan.

What are the release dates for Uncouth Bray - 2006?

Uncouth Bray - 2006 was released on: USA: 5 May 2006 (Savannah, Georgia)

What is the opposite of civilized?

uncivilized, uncouth, or barbaric

What is the other word for unsophisticated behavior?


What is a Five letter word for more uncouth?


What is the name of the uncouth savages in Gulliver's Travels?


What is the hinky pinky for a crude guy?

Uncouth youth

Can you find the antonyms of undisciplined?

undisciplined could mean "wild", so 'tame' could apply undisciplined could mean "uncouth" or "uncultured", so 'demure' or 'genteel' could apply

Three letter word for uncouth boy starts with y?


What rhymes with tooth that's a real word?

sooth, vermouth, uncouth

What is the meaning of comth?

Comth doesn't mean anything. It is close to cometh, which is an archaic form of the verb come. Possibly it is an altered version of couth, which means polite (the opposite of uncouth).

What is the opposite of decent?

The opposite of decent could be indecent, unseemly, immoral, or uncouth.

What rhymes with youth?

truth, booth, uncouth, Ruth, sleuth, toothtooth

How do you spell cooth?

The correct spelling is couth (having good manners, not uncouth).

What actors and actresses appeared in Uncouth Bray - 2006?

The cast of Uncouth Bray - 2006 includes: Jeremiah Chapman as Knife purchaser Geena Clements as Filthy Nasty Woman Stephen Cyr as Knife Salesman

What is the homonym of loot?

LoutNoun: An uncouth or aggressive man or boy: "drunken louts"

What word is an antonym for courteous?

Antonyms for courteous include: impolite, ill-bred, unmannered, discourteous, and uncouth.

What does Neanderthal mean?

It refers to the bones of ancient man found in 1857 at Neandertal, a valley near Dusseldorf, Germany; these were accordingly called 'Homo neanderthalensis' . You can also refer to someone as ' neanderthal' if they are primitive, uncivilized, uncouth, etc.

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