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Q: What does unprocessed barley look like?
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How does barley look like?

It can be either green or tan/light brown and looks like wheat :)

Does barley have wheat in it?

No. Barley is a grain like wheat, so it is only barley.

Is cheddar cheese unprocessed?

True Cheddar is unprocessed

Unprocessed facts are also called?

Unprocessed facts are Answer

What does Demeter's throne look like?

made of green machachite. it had gold barley and gold pigs around it

What is unprocessed food?

Unprocessed foods are basically food that is virtually untouched, with no additives added after it is harvested. Examples would be potatoes, bananas, strawberries, rice, corn on the cob, to name a few. To be unprocessed the item ussually needs to be in raw form, like it was when it was grown. Hence the term unprocessed.

Collection of unprocessed items?

A collection of unprocessed items is known as data.

What do you call a collection of unprocessed items?

A collection of unprocessed items is known as data.

Is barley a alcohol?

No. Barley is a cereal but it is used in the production of alcoholic drinks like scotch and beer.

Is Kroger peanut butter gluten free?

Gluten is found in products made from wheat, barley and or rye. If you look on the label, it must tell you all of the ingredients. Beans, seeds, nuts in their natural, unprocessed form are gluten free but peanut butter has been processed, so check the label.

How do you care for barley?

We care barley like any other plant. Put it in sunshine, water it, etc.

What is a mitochondira?

unprocessed wool

What are unprocessed raisins?


Who were Barley's parents and what did they look like?

unforunatley the books dont give you much information except that barley was in blood clan and he had two brothers and a sister.his sister was called violet and i can onley remember one of his brothers names, rain

What does unprocessed gold from a mine look like?

Pieces of gold with silver inside of a vein of galena crystal, which is inside of a vein of Quartz crystal. The gold is usually in cubes and can vary from huge to microscopic.

What is Barley in Hindi?

In Hindi Barley is called as "Jau" (sounds like "jaw")...its also used to make Beer.

What animal eats barley?

Lots of farm animals eat barley, like goats, cows, horses, etc.

Is barley starch free?

No, barley is full of starch, just like wheat and corn are chuck-full of starch.

What is a collection of unprocessed items?


What is Unprocessed facts and figures?


A collection of unprocessed items?


Is barley the same as oat?

No. Oats are a different grass species from barley or even wheat. The seed head of oats is more of a plume of seeds than a stock like wheat and barley.

What is the definition for unprocessed data?

The unprocessed data is the input to the computer as the raw data to execute any operation based on the data.

How did ancient Mesopotamians farm?

barley, wheet stuff like that

When kids become junior?

i was thinking the same thing... like im 13 but i look like im... 10... iv barley changed yet and i dont feel like waiting for it to happen either... when will i be in the junior section...?