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Fist off vaginal bleeding is known as the period.for many it can be painful and you may want to stay home when you get your first one.

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Q: What does vaginal bleeding feel like?
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Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period?

That is a period.

Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period while being pregnant?

yes it can

Can vaginal bleeding last as long as a period?

Vaginal bleeding is period sweetie lol

When you bleed during pregnancy vaginal bleedingwill it be alot of blood?

It depends like if you are spotting lightly it can be a sign of threatened abortion, if you have painless vaginal bleeding that is placenta previa but when you have severe vaginal bleeding that is abruptio placenta.

Can you have vaginal bleeding and cramping like a monthly period and still be pregnant?


What are the symptoms of vaginal bleeding?

There is only one symptom of vaginal bleeding - you bleed from your vagina. I'm not sure what it is you're asking here, vaginal bleeding is literally just that, there are no side-effects.

What is the difference between vaginal bleeding and menstruation period?

Menstruation causes vaginal bleeding but vaginal bleeding can also be caused by other factors like a tubal pregnancy, an abrasion in the vagina or on the cervix. Menstruation is simply the breakdown of the uterine lining. Vaginal bleeding that is not caused by menstruation needs to investigated, it could be from a tubal pregnancy or other internal problem that could be dangerous to your health.

How long do vaginal bleeding last?

The Vaginal bleeding lasts about a week, but if it lasts 2 weeks or higher or bleeding is very very heavy you might want to see a Doctor. But some people are normal like that. Hope I Could Help

Can a pelvic hernia cause vaginal bleeding?

Yes it can cause bleeding

Does Cats show vulvar bleeding like dogs do?

When a cat goes into estrus, there is a minimal amount of vulvar bleeding. When a cat delivers kittens, there is also some vaginal bleeding.

Could you be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding?


How do you know if you have vaginal bleeding?

Blood comes out

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