What does vertical drop mean in skiing?

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the term "vertical drop" is a word used by ski resorts to describe how "tall" a ski resort is. If the top of a ski resort is 13,000 feet and the base area of the resort is 10,000 feet, than the vertical drop of the resort is 3,000 feet.
aka, the vertical feet between the top elevation and the base elevation.
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What does it mean to tune your downhill skis?

Answer . \nNo downhill skis are not an instrument, but they still need to be "tuned". Tuning your skis means keeping the edges sharp, the bottoms smooth and free of burrs, and waxing your skis. Basically you are keeping your skis in top shape so that they run faster down the ski slope because t ( Full Answer )

What does industry verticals mean?

Answer . A vertical segment describes related industries, such as a supply chain, while a horizontal segment describes unrelated industries which share a common characteristic, such as "retail".

You noticed that the vertical drop is much greater at European ski resorts does that mean that they are better you think Colorado has the best skiing in the world?

Well, it´s not only the vertical that is greater in Europe, it also the sheer size of the resorts. The largest resort in size in North America (Whistler-Blackcomb) is less than 10% of the largest in Europe (Paradiski). So bigger means more versatility and more chance to fins the slpoes of your ch ( Full Answer )

What does vertical branding mean?

Vertical branding is usually used widely in management andmicroeconomics. It refers to a situation whereby the supply chainof a company is owned by that given company.

Which US ski resort has the highest vertical?

Many people still think that Whistler Blackcomb has the highest vertical rise in North America but that has now been trumped by a ski resort in Canada known as Revelstoke which boasts a vertical of 6000ft. In the US many people think that Jackson Hole has the highest vertical (around 4100ft), This w ( Full Answer )

What does skiing mean?

Skiing is a water or snow sport. It uses to skis which are flatthin pieces of wood that attach to someone's foot to help them moveover the surface. When water skiing the person needs to be pulledby a boat.

What is vertices mean?

Vertices have multiple meanings. They can represent the highestpoints or apexes. When used in geometry, vertices are the axisjoins at a surface or curve, and also a point where two lines meetto create an angle.

What does vertical angles mean?

Vertical Angles are a pair of nonadjacent angles opposite each other formed when two lines cross. Vertical angles are two angles opposite of each other. Vertical angles will also always have equal angles.

What does ski-doo's SDI mean?

Ski-Doo SDI - a quite different and more economical route to low two-stroke emissions and fuel consumption. SDI stands for Semi-Direct Injection, and it describes a system by which fuel is injected, not into the combustion chamber, but into the fast-moving air streams in the rear transfer ports. Bec ( Full Answer )

Which ski resorts in Europe have the most vertical drop?

Here are a few of the resorts in Europe with very high amounts of vertical drop. While vertical drop is a key statistic for North American resorts, it is not a data point that has traditionally been used much in marketing European ski resorts. Therefore, this list is not exhaustive. There are many o ( Full Answer )

What does skied mean?

The word "skied" is the past tense of the verb to ski , whether it applies to snow skiing or water skiing. Examples: He skied down the slope, narrowly missing a tree. He skillfully skied back and forth across the boat's wake.

What dose vertices mean?

Vertices is the plural of the word vertex. A vertex is a corner where lines meet.

What do vertical mean?

You could always use www.dictionary.com and search the word, but in a nut shell, it's the direction of up/down.. This line is vertical: |. This line is horizontal: ___

What does ski ski mean?

There is no meaning for the word "ski ski" , its not a word. If you mean ski, then that is a sport . You can look it up on google, i dont have the complete definition. Good luck , QuestionGuru12

What do the numbers mean on skiing signs?

the numbers normally show you where you are on a slope, to help you get down the mountain in the event of bad visibility and fog etc. they can also be useful for telling mountain resuce where you are if you need assistance!

What does skiing mean in gay lingo?

'Skiing' is a term used to describe the sexual position where a boy (or a girl) gets between two guys, while facing in the same direction, and jerks them both off, thus imitating cross-country skiing.

Why does a bomber not drop it bomb when it vertically above the target?

WWII bombers were flying at over two hundred miles per hour when they released their bombs. Thus, the bombs were also traveling forward at over two hundred miles an hour when they were released, until gravity began to pull them downward. The bombardier had a very complex, highly secret bombsight, ( Full Answer )

What does last mean in ski boot?

The "last" is the width of the forefoot of the ski boot. Generally a 98mm is narrow, 102mm is medium and anything over is wide or high volume

How much vertical skiing at mount-tremblant?

2116 vertical feet on the south side. The north side and versant soleil offer slightly less. The Edge is closer to 1000 vertical feet. For details about Tremblant you won't find on the official page, check out www.tremblant-insider.com

Staying vertical does it mean?

Staying vertical means standing up and not falling down. It is a necessary part of the art of boxing.

What does overcast skies mean?

Overcast means that the sky is light gray, common in the Bay Area and some of the Central Coast.

What is Vertical Drop of Jack Frost ski area in PA?

Less than 1,000.(just look at the website) Try blue mountain, which has much better trails. Or be a real skiier and go to NY or VT for mountains with 1600+ vertical feet, faster lifts, better amenities, etc.

What does vertical management mean?

Vertical management is the traditional Western management structure where each person (except the ultimate boss) reports to someone more senior than them in multiple layers. For example: Operator->Supervisor->Shift Mgr->Production Mgr->Operations Mgr->President It has the advantage of clearly def ( Full Answer )

What does vertices mean in math terms?

its somthing that's in math * * * * * Given that the question asked what it meant in MATH terms, the answer is extremely illuminating! A vertex (plural vertices), is a point where two or more lines (edges) of a shape meet. A more common word for vertex is corner.

What does ski mean in Japanese?

'Ski' or 'skiing' would be スキー /su kii/ and the verb form would be スキーをする /su kii wo su ru/ meaning 'to ski'.

What does vertically upwards mean?

Vertical means straight up and down,aligned with the direction of gravity. Vertically upward means vertical in the up direction. So if you jump directly straight up that is vertically upward; when you land you are travelling vertically downward.

What does the maths term vertical mean?

If we were speaking of a stick, if we were going to maintain that stick in the mathematical position of VERTICAL, the stick would be placed and held so that one end of the stick were pointing straight up toward the sky and the distal end of the stick would result in pointing at a 180 degree angle po ( Full Answer )

What does the word vertices mean in math.?

That's the plural of vertex, which is each angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure. • a meeting point of two lines that form an angle. • the point at which an axis meets a curve or surface.

Why does a bomber aircraft not drop its bombs when it is vertically above the target?

Bombs don't drop straight down. You have to take into account the plane's speed first off. By the time you think you are over the target, there is still a lag between when you see the target and when you open the bay doors. Also, the plane doesn't stay still - it's still moving as the bombs are drop ( Full Answer )

What Vertical Angles Mean?

When two angles are opposite each other. For example in an "X" the two side openings are vertical and the bottom and top angles are vertical

What is the meaning of the phrase vertical integration?

Vertical Integration is a firm from business that deals with buying a supplier or a buyer of a firms products. For example if a firm with an oil refinery bought an oilfield, it would be upstream vertical integration - they bought a supplier. If that same firm bought a gas station it would be downs ( Full Answer )

What does the term jet skis mean?

Jet Skis are a mode of transportation in the water. It is a small jet-propelled vehicle that is commonly used in beaches and on vacation. It is typically ridden like a motorcycle. Jet Skis have also been known to be used by life guards if a swimmer has swam too far out into the ocean and needs to be ( Full Answer )

What does beyond your skis mean?

It means that something is out past your skis. Perhaps you meant totype "beyond your skills ," which is not an idiom.Skills are talents you have or activities that you are well-trainedin. Beyond means past or further than you can reach. If somethingis beyond your skills, you can't do it.

What does skis mean?

Skis mean one pair of long slender runners made of wood, plastic ormetal used for skiing.