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It mean bad, evil,and mean

mean, evil, brutal

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What does hamlet mean by some vicious mole?

some vicious mole...

How do you spell vishus?

You mean "vicious"?

What does purple tongue on a dog mean?

There vicious

What does firece mean?

Fierce is mean, brutal, vicious, desire to fight

What does in mean if soneone calls you a barracuda?

vicious person

How do you spell vicous like mean and scary?


Are leopards vicious?

Yes, leopards are vicious in the sense that leopards are dangerous to humans; vicious in the sense of mean or evil, no. Leopards viciousness is part of their nature to ensure their survival by catching game for food.

What does vicious red brick mean?

you should know this "genus"!

What is comparative of vicious?

"Vicious" doesn't have a comparative and superlative form. Instead, you would say "more vicious" or "most vicious."

What does vicous mean?

Vicious means that the person or animal has violent and destructive tendencies. A vicious dog is generally put down if and when it bites or attacks someone.

What does chalino mean?

Do you mean choline? Choline is a colorless vicious Alkaline Present in animal tissues

What is the noun for vicious?

There is no noun for the word "vicious". "Vicious" is an adjective.

What is a synonym for malicious?

Evil Mean Nasty Mischevious Vicious Offensive

Who is more stronger vicious the hedehog or vicious the echidna?

Vicious the Echidna is the more powerful incarnation of Vicious the Hedgehog

Is vicious a verb?

The word vicious is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as deliberately cruel or violent:a vicious attack, vicious gossip, a vicious criminal, etc.

What are the qualities of Ares the Greek god?

Some of his qualities were: bloodthirsty,mean, and vicious.

What does it mean when you dream your dog kills another dog?

that you have a very vicious dog

A sentence for vicious?

this is a sentence>>> you are vicious

When was Vicious Rumors - Vicious Rumors album - created?

Vicious Rumors - Vicious Rumors album - was created in 1990.

Are moles vicious?

no they are not vicious because they are blind and helplessno they are not vicious because they are blind and helpless

In wicca what does the wolf what does that mean?

do you mean totem? THen it means someone loud, can be bossy, sometimes sweet or sometimes vicious!

Is oil more vicious than water?

Vicious tends to mean harmful, as with a vicious dog which might attack you. The word you mean is viscous, which is a measure of the "thickness" of a liquid and of its ability to flow. If you pour the same volumes of oil into suitable but equally shaped funnels, the water will be the first to drain through. The oil is slower. It is more viscous.

What is another word for viscious?

It depends on whether you mean vicious or viscous.Vicious: savage, cruel, bloodthirsty, murderous, violent Viscous: thick, sticky, glutinous, gelatinous, viscid

How do you spell vicious?

The correct spelling is 'vicious'.

What part of speech is vicious?

Vicious is an adjective.