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AnswerNo I La Rasas means the people, so it's Long live the people. AnswerViva La Raza, since I'm Mexican means "Long live my race." AnswerCant go past a Mexican bro believe him

The literal translation of "Viva La Raza" is "Life (to) the race." So if a Mexican person says it they mean long live our race or loosely translated, "Long live our people." "La gente" is the Spanish word for "the people." So the second answer has the literal translation wrong but not the meaning of the phrase.

Translations are not meant to be literal, since being literal generally means missing the nuiances. A true translation (meaning 'not literal') of the phrase is "Long live my people." Oh, and I'm Chicano too (as if that means anything.)

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Q: What does viva la rasa mean?
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