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What does viva la rasa mean?


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AnswerNo I La Rasas means the people, so it's Long live the people. AnswerViva La Raza, since I'm Mexican means "Long live my race." AnswerCant go past a Mexican bro believe him

The literal translation of "Viva La Raza" is "Life (to) the race." So if a Mexican person says it they mean long live our race or loosely translated, "Long live our people." "La gente" is the Spanish word for "the people." So the second answer has the literal translation wrong but not the meaning of the phrase.

Translations are not meant to be literal, since being literal generally means missing the nuiances. A true translation (meaning 'not literal') of the phrase is "Long live my people." Oh, and I'm Chicano too (as if that means anything.)

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You mean as in "Viva la vida?" If so, viva la vida means, "Live the life." So, judging by that statement, hopefully you can understand what viva la means. "Viva la vida" means "live your life".

Viva la amore means Live the love.

Live the beaver ??? or was it--- Viva la vida?? Live the life??

my grandpa used to sing it to me, it was something likeA friend on your left and a friend on your rightviva la companyviva la viva la viva l'amore,viva l'amore, viva l'amoreviva la viva la viva la viva l'amoreviva la companyi forgot the rest!

"Viva la vida" means "live the life" in spanish.

Viva la compañía means long live the company.

Viva la familia means hurray for family!!!!!!!! Take it from a spanish person

" Viva la" It's spanish for "long live the" white girl

Long live the Philippine Republic.

well viva la meens long live so i geuss long live lippy.

Neither. It is "Vive la France". Viva is not French, but Spanish.

That's "pocho" speaking.

Viva la Viva was a song (and album name) created by the pop band Coldplay.

"Viva la España" literally translates to "Live, Spain". You could take this to mean something along the lines of "Long live Spain"

its viva la vida and it means live the life, as in the song .

First of all, the expression is either "Viva Palestine" or "Viva la Palestina". Both mean "long, live Palestine". There is also the implicit assumption in the statement that this is for a Palestine that replaces Israel instead of a Palestine alongside of Israel.

It is Spanish for "long live."

it means long live mexico!!

It means Spain (obviously) in spanish

Means "Long Live Barcelona"

when Mexicans say ''viva la raza'' its for showing there pride for Mexicans and there country long lived the heritage

"Viva la musica en los corazon" translates to "Long live the music of the heart."

Viva la Vida was created in 2007.

No, but it does mean "the people," or "the Latino people of the New World."

Viva la Vida is not valid. The correct spelling is vivela vida which means live the life. Vives tu vida means live your life. Viva La Vida, as in the Coldplay song, means "Long Live Life"

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