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I live in the street.

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Q: What does vivo en la calle mean in spanish?
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What does en vivo mean in spanish?

Live music

What does Vivo en Malaga mean in Spanish?

I live in Malaga.

What does vivo en mean?

Vivo en ... = I live in ...

How do you say i live at 5 windward road in spanish?

Vivo Windward Road, numero cinco or you could hispanify 'road', so: Vivo en la Calle Windward, numero cinco.

What does yo vivo en mean?

yo: I vivo: live en: in Yo vivo en= I live in...

How do you say i live in a house in spanish?

Yo vivo en una casaVivo en una casa. Vivo en una casa.

What does it mean when en vivo is said in spanish?

It means Live, as in a "live" concert.

What does eu moro em aracaju mean in spanish?

Vivo en "Aracaju"

What does the word 'calle' mean in English?

The Spanish word "calle" means "street" in English. For instance, if one were to say "camino en la calle" in Spanish, this would translate to "I walk on the street" in English.

What is I live at in spanish?

You would say "Vivo en". Such as "Vivo en mi casa" (I live at my house).

How do you say i live in freeport in spanish?

you can say: "vivo en Freeport" or "yo vivo en Freeport".

How do you say where you live in the Spanish language?

You say vivo (I live) and then were you live. If you want to say where you live in you say vivo en. For example, vivo en London and also vivo en casa.

What language is used in calle ocho?

Spanish "en calle ocho" "on eighth street"

How do you answer donde viva in Spanish?

Donde vives means "where do you live". You can answer as: "Vivo en Londres" "Vivo en China" etc.................

How do you answer donde vives tu in spanish?

Vivo en

How do you I live in in Spanish?

I live in = Yo vivo en

How do you answer in which city do you live in spanish?

Vivo en.... = I live in....

What does vivo en calle carino esquina corazonla vuelta del olvido mi numero es el amor mean?

Clearly this is not a sentence. The individual words are: vivo/live, en/in, calle/street, carino/affection, esquina/corner, corazon/heart, la/the, vuelta/return, del/of, olvido/oblivion, mi/my, numero/number, es/is, amor/love.

How do you say dance in the street in Spanish?

Baila(dance) en(in) la(the) calle(street). Baila en la calle. Dance in the Street.

How do you say in spanish I live in N Ireland?

"Vivo en Irlanda" if the N refers to North is "Vivo en Irlanda del Norte"

How do you answer where do I live in Spanish?

I live in .... Yo vivo en .... We live in .... Nosotros vivamos en ....

How do you say live music in spanish?

Música en vivo

How do you say in Spanish I live in Florida?

Vivo en Florida

How do you say i live in Manchester i spanish?

Vivo en Manchester.

How do you say i live in miramar in spanish?

"Vivo en Miramar."