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What does wakaranai desu mean in English?


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It means "I don't understand."


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"分からない" means "not understand" "です" is the Japanese linking verb. "I don't understand what a bakery is."

Means '..... do/does not understand'. The blank spot is for the subject.

'(This/That/She) is my older sister.'

'(This/That/She) is my younger sister.'

"Boku no chinko desu" means "my penis" in Japanese.

"Desu" (pronounced, "dess") sort of means "is". For instance, I could say, "Watashi wa CRiMCO desu", or "My name CRiMCO is".

its should daijoubu..mean fine/okay/alright daijoubu desu ka = are u alright? daijoubu desu = i'm alright

I think you mean "totemo" If so then totemo genki desu anata wa means "Very good how are you?" It is a response to the question "genki desu ka" meaning "how are you."

Boku = I (Used by males, informal.) kawaii = cute desu = Is/am/are/to be So.. It means "I am cute."

I think you mean "genki desu ka". The correct way of spelling it in English would be "ogenki desu ka". It is Japanese for "How are you?" One would usually answer by saying "Genki desu. Anata wa?' which means "I'm fine, and you?"

Toire | wa | doko | desu | ka Toilet | Topic marker | Where | It is | question marker

"O-ai dekite ureshii desu" is a Japanese phrase and in English it means "Nice to meet you"

watashi= I or me zettai= abosulte Ureshi= happy desu= be "Watashi zwttai ureshi desu" "I'm absolutely happy"

what does Daiso ga suki desu means in English? - i noticed that this question is answered by another question... suki means like in english Daiso ga suji desu means I like Daiso.. Daiso is a noun, it could be the name of the shop where you could buy alot of cheaper items

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