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Water pressure refers to the pressure of water in a system. In a home it will be 30-50 psi typically and this is governed by the municipal pressure or by a well tank.

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Q: What does water pressure mean?
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What does it mean if your hot water pressure is less than the cold water pressure?

Bad pipes.

What does it mean when the water pressure in your house is low?

If you are on a well it means you have a problem in the pressure tank. On city water means pressure in general is down, or your PRV is failing.

What water pressure mean?

What pressure per square inch water is. -In a typical home on city water you have a PRV set to 50-70 psi

What does water pd mean?

pressure difference

Is cold water low or high pressure?

If you mean to ask if cold bodies of water are associated with high or low atmospheric pressure, they aren't. Atmospheric pressure can change independently of the temperature of bodies of water.

How does water get into an air pressure tank?

If you mean a well tank, the water is forced in by the pump. The residual air pressure pushes the water out to the faucets.

You have well water you have an iron filter and water softener with very low water pressure it was ok before now it is bad where to look and start?

What do you mean by bad? Bad water pressure? Bad water?

Can you convert 85 psi of water pressure in a amount of air pressure?

You can convert between different units of pressure, if that's what you mean.

What does pressure-flow mechanism mean?

Water, like any fluid, flows from where its pressure is higher to where its lower.

What does light showers mean?

when the water pressure is low in the shower

What do you mean by condenser airside pressure drop?

when water vapour condenses and forms clouds whichthen produces an air pressure which produces precipitation like a water cycle.

What does it mean if there isn't pressure on the hot water side of the sink?

The cold water inlet valve to the water heater is closed.

What is the boiling point of water in Delhi?

The boiling point of water (at standard pressure) is 100 deg C. The mean air pressure in Dehli depends mainly on its altitude and on the weather circumstances: high or low pressure area.

What is the pressure of a 100 foot height pipe?

I'm not sure what you mean, but if your mean what is the pressure at the bottom of a 100 foot high pipe filled with water, it's 43.3 psi

What does it mean to have clear water mean running from your nostril in a dream?

This suggests that the dreamer needs to "clear" the head, to get rid of pressure, as when sinus pressure makes it difficult to think "clearly."

Why does salt water boil at a lower temperature then tap water?

For the concept of vapour pressure and boiling. Vapour pressure of water is depend on temperature. At 100 oC, vapour pressure of water will be at the same as atmospheric pressure so it boil. Salt, is in solid state and virtually had no vapour pressure. Presence of salt mean the vapour pressure is diluted. For such solution to have vapour pressure of atmosphere, it require increase of Temperature from normal boiling point.

What does it mean by static pressure 20 mm Wc?

Static Pressure 20 mm WC means the pressure which can sustain 20 mm high water column.

How does a hose work?

Can you be specific? If you mean a garden hose, then basically water is let into the hose and pressure forces the water out.

What does hydrokinesis in dreams mean?

This suggests the dreamer's desire for supernatural powers. Controling water could relate to pressure in the bladder. That pressure might trigger dreams of the need to control water.

Which one of the following is an accurate description of pressure exerted by a water column measured in feet of water or inches of water is it density or head of water or pressure your opinions please?

mean and dirty a one foot column of water will produce 1/2 psig head

Why do your pipes make a humming noise when you turn the water on?

Possibly related to a water pressure issue, like hammering. what do you mean like hammering?

How does the sucking action of a straw work?

This is all thanks to Air pressure and water pressure. Lets say that you are drinking water from a glass with the help of a straw. When you suck at the straw, you are essentially drawing air out of the straw. This decreases air pressure which was in the straw right above the level of the water. In the mean time the air pressure around your glass of water is constantly pushing the drink level to go down. And the water pressure of your drink is pushing the water level to go up. Since you just helped decrease the air pressure in the straw, the water finds an outlet and thus goes up the straw till it reaches your mouth.

Why does lowered air pressure allow water to boil at room temperature?

Less force pushes down on the liquid, making it easier for gas to escape

What does the dashboard symbol mean that looks like a water can but not a gas can?

Oil Can? Oil pressure low?

What is the melting point of water with no pressure?

Well, actually that would be 32 degrees if you mean ice...