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what does "we the people" mean in the constitution?

A/ The power of government comes from the people.

It's slightly ironic because some people were actually really angry about it being we the people rather than we the states, like in the Articles of Confederation (the failed government in the US after the British but before the constitution)

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Q: What does we the people mean in the constitution?
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What does framers of the constitution mean?

The "framers of the constitution" mean the people who wrote the constitution.

What does the comment The Constitution is what 5 people say it is mean?

it means that the the constitution is made by the people.

What does you people mean in the constitution?

Clearly it is referring to African-Americans.

What does to insure domestic tranquility mean in the constitution?

to inshure the tranquilty of us and our people

What does you the people of the US mean or stand for?

The phrase "We, the People....." refers to. and means, ALL of the people of the United States collectively. "We, the people" is also the first line of the US Constitution, and therefore 'stands for', or refers to, the US Constitution.

What does the phase We the People mean?

We the people is us you and me. The nation. All of us. That is why it begins the constitution. "WE THE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO FORM A PERFECT UNION".

What can constitution do for people?

constitution can do for people because people wrote constitution with government so it can help and changes for people future

Who were the people that support the Constitution?

Federalists was the people who supported the Constitution.(^_(^_(^_^)_^)_^)

What is the process called when people Chang the Constitution?

Assuming you mean the United States Constitution, it's usually called an ammendment. (Ammend means change.)

Which three people did not sign the constitution?

16 people did not sign the constitution.

Who are 4 key people in constitution?

what is the 4 key people of the constitution?

Who was the constitution written for?

The US Constitution was written for the people of the US. It is written for the people by the people

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