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white smoke out of the tail pipe especially on '''warm''' weather usually means antifreeze/coolant leaking in to the cilynders. you may have a blown head gasket(cheapest to replace) and or a crack/warped cilynder head or crack block(not cheap) if the smoke its happening in '''Cold''' weather it could simply be condensation which is normal.

to find out exactly ,in a v6 engine ,simply take out the 2 middle spark plug (1 of each side) and crank the engine. if you see white smoke come out of either one that's where your leak is and you would go from there.(just crank the engine '''Do NOT''' let the engine run for long without sparkplugs or catalyc converter damage may a 4 cilynder engine take out any center spark plug and see where the leak is .(either way in a 4 cilynder engine you only got 1 gasket)

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Q: What does white smoke out of a Lexus ES 400 mean?
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