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Q: What does woodlice mean?
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Do woodlice eat dead woodlice?

No; woodlice are almost exclusively herbivorous, and not cannibalistic.However, woodlice are decomposers and do eat decaying or rotting matter such as rotting leaves and even other dead woodlice. I have a woodlice culture and I have observed woodlice eat other dead woodlice.

When does a woodlice die?

if you will kill the woodlice it will die......................

What do woodlice do at night?

woodlice sleep at night

How many woodlice are left in the world?


Do woodlice have a backbone?

No; woodlice are crustaceans, which are invertebrates.

Do woodlice have gills?

yes, woodlice do have gills

Are woodlice vertebrate or invertebrate?

woodlice are invertebrates

Why do woodlice have antennae?

woodlice have antenas because

Are woodlice useful in the garden?

why are woodlice usefull

How many legs does a woodlice have?

a woodlice has 16 legs

Are woodlice vertebrates?

No. A woodlouse (plural: woodlice) is an arthropod.

Why do woodlice eat wood?

Because they're woodlice

Are Maggots and woodlice decomposers?

maggots are but woodlice are not decomposers

What color are woodlice?

Gray! But there is a type of woodlice called the pink woodlouse so they are pink! But woodlice are gray! :-)

What are woodlice predators?

toads, spiders and shrews are predators of the woodlice.

Can you eat woodlice?

Yes, you can eat woodlice. Disgusting, huh?

What are predators to woodlice?

Woodlice Spiders Are one Of Their Many Predators.

Can your dog eat woodlice?

no,a dog cannot eat woodlice.

What is the plural of woodlice?

Woodlice is already plural. The singular is woodlouse.

Is it good to keep a woodlice as a pet?

If we're thinking of the same woodlice, then no.

Are woodlice negatively or positively phototaxic?

I think woodlice are negatively phototaxic

Are woodlice negatively or positively phototaxtic?

woodlice show a negatively phototaxtic

How many species of woodlice are there?

There are over 2,000 different species of woodlice

A simple fact about woodlice?

Woodlice can survive many minutes underwater.

How do woodlice breathe?

Woodlice Breathe Through Gills Located On There Back