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word form means when you have a number and you write the number in words instead of letters

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Q: What does word form mean?
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What does the Latin word form mean?

The Latin word form means: to shape or form!

What does the word tropos mean?

Denotes the english word "form."

What does word form in math mean?

word form means using words to tell a number.

What does ten thousandths mean in word form?

Ten thousandths is ten thousandths in word form. In number form it is 0.001

What is the word hi mean?

the word hi means a form of laungauge

What is the word ad mean?

If it's a Latin word it means 'to'. If you mean the abbreviation, the full form is 'advertisment'.

What does word form mean in math form?

To write numbers using words.

What does the word transform mean?

Change in form or shape.

What does the word as ta mean?

ta is the feminine form of 'your'

What does 0.15 mean in word form?

Fifteen hundredths.

What does the word floccalation mean?

To form a scum on the surface.

What does the word judges mean?

Another word for judges is

What does the word dijo mean?

"He said" Dijo is a form of the word Decir. To say.

What does the word utilidades mean?

The word 'utilidades' is a Spanish noun in the feminine plural form. Although its singular form is translated directly as 'utility' or 'usefulness', in its plural form it is interpreted to mean 'profits'.

What does the word form mean in music terms?

The word form means the structure of a piece of music. The base of the music basically.

What does the word dance mean?

the word dance means move in a slow form with music!

What does the root word plas mean?

The root word 'plas' means 'form, grow.'

What does div mean in word form?

Five hundred four.

What is the adverb form of the word mean?

that does'nt make sence

What does the word tornadogenesis mean?

Tornadogenesis is the process by which tornadoes form.

What does the word stimulus in taxes form mean?

this means to be suprised

What is plural form of tankful?

There is no such word. If you mean thankful, there is no plural.

What does is mean?

the word "is" is a form of the verb be. it is also a linking verb.

What does the word root form mean?

means too change into

What does the root word fict mean?

It means 'to make,to form'