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Y tu sabes que te quiero pero

-and you know that I want/love you but

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What does sabes que te quiero mean?

"(Do) you know that I love/want you(?)" Statement and/or question.

What does 'sabes que' mean?

"Sabes que" is Spanish for "[you] know what".

What does tu sabes que estoy desendo mean in spanish?

no idea what 'desendo' means."you know that i am desendo."--Edit: maybe desendo = diciendo, "you know that i am say"

What does Tu sabes que yo mean in English?

tu sabes que yo mean = you know what i mean

Tu sane que te quiero mucho?

I think what your trying to say is ( Tu sabes que te quiero mucho) it means (you know i love you alot).

What does sabes que ese mean in Spanish?

Sabes= Do you know Que= What Ese= Dude, man (slang) Sabes Que Ese means: "Do you know what dude?"

What does que linda tu sabes mean in English?

que linda= how beautiful! tú sabes= you know.

What does pues sabes que te quiero mucho mean?

Literally this is "Well you know that I want you a lot", but is interpreted as "Well you know that I love you a lot".

What does Sabes que te amo mean in English?

Sabes que te amo means: You now I love you.

What does sabes que mean in English?

The words sabes que in Spanish means "to know" in English. Sabes is a form of the root verb, saber, which means "to have knowledge".

Translate 'know what I mean 'English to Spanish?

I assume you mean "you know what I mean." Sabes lo que quiero decir." That literally means "you know what I want to say"

What does quiero que mean in spanish?

Quiero comes from the verb Querer which means to want. Quiero que would then mean, I want that....

How do you say you don't know what you want in Spanish?

No sé que quiero. = I don't know what I want. No sabes lo que quieres. = You don't know what you want.

What does dulce eso es pero no quiero que usted consiga enfermo mean in English?

Translation: That is sweet, but I do not want you to get sick.However, the question as written is from a poor translation from English to Spanish. The expression "get sick" is its own verb in Spanish, "enfermarse". This person literally wrote "get" + "sick" as "conseguir" + "enfermo". The proper sentence would be "Eso es dulce, pero no quiero que te enfermes."

What does que tu save mean?

"Que tú sabes" means "That you know" or " What you know".

Tu sabes que te quiero con todo mi corazon?

In English this means: Do you know that I love you with all of my heart?

What does pero por gue mean?

pero por QUE means but why?

What does creo que te quiero mean?

"Creo que te quiero" means I think I love you.

What does dama lo que quiero mean?

I think you mean 'dame lo que quiero'. That's Spanish for 'Give me what I want'.

What does que sabes tu de mi mean?

This means 'What do you know about me'?

Que es la ortiga?

quiero conseguir la ortiga pero no se que es eso, para preparar chanpoo anti caspa.

What is the duration of Achas que Sabes Dançar?

The duration of Achas que Sabes Dançar? is -10800.0 seconds.

What does pero por que mean in English?

"¿Pero, por qué" means "But why?" in English.

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