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How does your heart look like when you smoke?

Blackish and burnt. :(

How can you look after your heart?

don't smoke and do fitness

Why does your heart look like a valintine heart?

your heart does not look like a valentine heart, those a just scenarios, make believe. I suggest that if you look up "Heart" on Google or Bing then it will show you pictures of what your heart really does look like. I'm sure you'll find your answer soon!

What does a chicken heart look like?

it looks like a heart of a chicken.

If you smoke what will your lungs look like?

your lungs are black after you smoke at least 5 years

What is a heart shaped head look like?

a heart

What does the heart of a dog look like?

Like a normal heart I would think

What did the first smoke detector look like?


How does a dog's heart look?

Like a normal humans heart

How does the human heart look like?

The heart is retanglar in shape

What does the inside of the frogs heart look like?

a frog heart

When you smoke marijuana you feel like you are going to have a heart attack and get paranoid Are you just having a bad reaction or can smoking weed cause a heart attack?

Yes. For every drug you smoke, for every bad thing you put in your body, your lungs die, your heart dies, your fingers look bad your teeth looked jacked up im tellin the truth

How do smokers look like?

They are gray and black from inhailing the smoke

What does a human heart look like?

It lookes like a pear shapped heart but it is the size of you fist.

What shape do the human heart and human kidney look like?

They look like ovals.

How did the apache shelters look like?

They looked like little cones with smoke out of the top

What does a volcao look like?

It looks like a mountain with occasional smoke coming from the top

What does a smell look like?

A smell can look like lots of things but most people think it looks like a bit of green smoke.

What does the heart of a human look like?

a triangle

What do cheetahs heart look like?

it looks..............

Why does the cartoon heart look nothing like of real heart?

the reason is because they have no idea theirselves what a real heart looks like

How do you do a love heart on the computer?

put a < then put a 3 it should look like this <3 if you look at it side ways it looks like a love heart +_+

Why does your heart beat go fast when you smoke weed?

Because the thx in it look up cocane is pure tht

What does the drawing symbol for a smoke detector look like?

A circle with an "SD" in it.

Does Logan Henderson smoke?

nope he does not even look like a smoker.