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Land snails are herbivores. They eat leaves and grass.

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vegetables, tomatoes and lettuce DO NOT feed your snail citrus

No, a land snail and a water snail can not have babies.

if you found it in water its a water snail if you found it on land its a land snail

your not meant to eat them there pets not dinner you weirdo!?

no a sea snail is faster than a land snail

Some predators of the land snail include hedgehogs, and different types of birds and insects. Humans have also been known to eat snails.

The land snail eats fruits, vegetables and they need water every week or so. The main thing they love to eat is "Spinach" a garden vegetable.

they naturally feed on plant herbs and small microorganisms

Land Inca Snails can eat any fruits and vegetables, However Under-Water Inca Snails eat Snail Pellets.

No they don't eat snail

Well, If you eat a Live snail the bacteria from the snail will eat away your brain, where as if you eat a cooked snail the bacteria gets killed

the only slug that will eat tomatoes is an african land snail any other slug will not eat tomatoes.

A carnivore snail will eat meat or eat other snails and a herbivore snail will not eat meat and will only eat vegetables.

Yes. A land snail is a herbivore. they typically eat tree bark, leaves and small stems.

snail and slugs eat garden debris

is pond snail different from land snail and why?hi--) pond snails live in water and they cant talk to each other where else, land snails live on land and can interrupt with each other.........

An achatine snail is a snail of the family Achatinidae, a form of land snail native to Africa.

no they do not Snails1000 edit: they do eat egg shells, matter of fact. When they first hatch, they eat their own egg shell. They eat egg shells for calcium. It a snail lacks calcium, it may even eat it`s own shell(the one on it`s back). But no, they do not eat eggs with babies inside. Just the shell.

It may be best to feed a land snail leftover crops or vegetables. Snails also eat plankton, algae, and other aquatic microorganisms too, so you may want to provide your pet snail in a moist environment.

For a giant African land snail it is 5-12 inches (WOW)

Archer's toothed land snail was created in 1940.

You can have A Giant African Land Snail like I have!

the snail uses its mantle to breath

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