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"SAF-ta" comes to Yiddish from Hebrew. It means "grandmother", and the male

counterpart is "SAH-bah".

"ZAY-deh" or "ZAY-dee" somes to Yiddish from Russian. It means "grandfather",

and the female counterpart is "BUH-beh" or "BUH-bee".

My grand-daughters in Los Angeles, who speak English, call their Chicago grandfather

"Zayde", and their Cincinnati grandfather "Saba".

To my grand-kids in Ramat Gan, who are just learning to use their mouths for something

besides eating, I will be "Zayde", and their local grandfather will be "Saba".

My wife is "Grandma" to all.

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Q: What does zafta or zaide mean in yiddish?
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What is the Yiddish slang for 'grandma'?

A grandma is a Bubbe. A grandpa is a Zaide.

What is the yiddish word fro grandpa?

zaide! pronounced "ZAY da"

What is the yiddish word for grandpa?

Grandfather (or grandpa) = Zayde (זיידע)In English, it can also be spelled: Zaide, Zaidy, Zaideh, Zeyde.

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Zaide was created in 1780.

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Redstu Yiddish = You speak YiddishIt can also be written "Redst du Yiddish"

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Zaide is an unfinished opera by Mozart. He started its composition in 1780.

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Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez was born on 1959-11-02.

What does the Yiddish slang word goya mean?

It is the Yiddish word for a woman who is not Jewish. It is slang in English, but it is not slang in Yiddish.

What does yiddish mean?

Yiddish refers to a language based loosely on German that was spoken by Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. Yiddish is the Yiddish word for "Jewish".

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Zaide. Wang has written: 'Yu mi' -- subject(s): Corn

What does the Yiddish word bling mean?

Bling is not a Yiddish word or a Hebrew word.

What is a Yiddish word for hello?

Just as in Hebrew, in Yiddish Shalom can mean "peace," but depending on the context, it can also mean hello or goodbye.

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Spinoza is not a Yiddish word. It appears to be a Spanish name.

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The Yiddish word for congratulations is Mazeltov.(pronounced MUZZLE-TOF)

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It means "Dear God!" in english, and i think it means the same in Yiddish.

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There is no such language as Jewish. You probably mean either Hebrew, Ladino, or Yiddish, but this word doesn't exist in any of these languages.