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It means that there is a very good chance that you are pregnant. Make call your doctor and go see them. If you are trying to hide it call a family planning clinic in your area if you have one. Good luck

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Q: What doesit mean if you took two pregnancy tests and on both the first line came then the second was really light?
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Are there different symptoms with a second pregnancy?

Quite often the second pregnancy is completely different. I had really sore breasts, nausea and tiredness with my first, with the second I had none of these symptoms despite it being a twin pregnancy.

When can you feel a baby?

normally around 16 weeks, but they say it depends whether its your first or second pregnancy, as on your first you don't really know what you are looking for.

First pregnancy is operation second pregnancy is operation or normol?

Likely an operation.

IS your second pregnancy harder than your first pregnancy?

Yes it is, my first pregnancy was fine, this one i have gest diabetes, thrombosis and PGP.

If you have had preeclampsia your first pregnancy is it possible to have it with the second?

Yes, it is.

Are first and second pregnancy symptoms the same?

Every pregnancy is different. Just because you had something, say nausea, with the first, doesnt mean you will for sure with the second

Is second cat pregnancy different from the first?

Second cat pregnancies are easier for the cat than the first.

First signs of pregnancy when its going to be your second child?

The same as the first time

What are the 3 trimesters of pregnancy?

The first, second and third trimester.

Can a mother feed first baby after second pregnancy?

of course

What are sypmtoms for a womans second pregnancy?

same symptoms as the first.

Does the first male dog's hereditary genes still have an effects on the second pregnancy?

Probably not - the first sire's DNA would be long gone from the uterus before the second pregnancy was started.

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