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What dog breed doesn't bark a lot?

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  • The only dog that cant is an African dingo.
  • There is another dog that cannot bark and that is Basenji Hound. However, the Basenji dog does scream. They also howl, cry, growl, and yodel. They definitely DO have a voice.

Get huskies. They are one of the only type of dogs who do not bark, with the added advantages of awesome looks.
2016-06-05 08:22:43
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Do Kuvasz dogs bark a lot?

Yes, the Kuvasz dog breed is known to bark a lot. They have a deep bark.

Do Stabyhoun dogs bark a lot?

Yes, the Stabyhoun dog breed are known to bark a lot.

Do Italian Greyhound dogs bark a lot?

No, the Italian Greyhound dog breed doesn't bark very much.

Do Maltese dog bark a lot?

it depends on your dog if he or she is very protective i have a 3yr old pitbull and he doesnt but my other 1yr old does

What kind of small breed of dog is perfect for a family?

I think there isn't any dog that doesn't bark a lot or get excited. Not unless you want a depressed dog.

What do dogs do when you bark at them?

All dog's will react different it depends on the dog you barked to so if you bark at a dog that does bark a lot then it will most likely bark back but if the dog doesn't bark a lot then it might not again it depends on the dog.if you are trying to teach your dog not to bark then i would not recommend barking at it. Happy Barking ;)

Why dog don't bark?

Only Basenji dog breed doesn't bark. So if your dog is not a Basenji, you need to take a lot of considerations. It may either be your dog is tired, sick or sad. You need to know the root cause before you bring your dog to the vet and pay a fee.

Do cockapoo dogs bark lots?

Every dog is different. The cockapoo is a usually calm breed and rarely has temperament problems but if you don't train them right or don't train them at all then they can bark a lot.

Do the dog hounds bark a lot?

yes they do.

What is the smallest breed of dog in the US?

Small dog breeds are growing more popular these days. The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog known. They have big personalities, and often like to bark a lot. Their size makes it easy to carry around in purses or small bags.

What is the perfect dog that doesn't shed and doesn't bark a lot?

I have a Havanese who exactly meets your criteria. They are a very small breed, they do not shed and unlike a lot of small dogs they don't bark at nothing all the time. She tells us when someone is at the door and that is all. The whole breed is known for this. In larger dogs I don't know but i would imagine poodles and poodle crosses would meet your criteria. Here is a website where you can take a quiz with your criteria in a dog (including no shedding) and it will give you a list of dog breeds that would fit you and your lifestyle. Just go to's area cute medium sized dog that does not bark that much and does not shed, in fact basenji's are the worlds best dog that does not bark a lot. But still this dog can still bark. I love Basnjis!!!!!!!!!

Do Samoyed dogs bark a lot?

Yes, the Samoyed is a dog that may bark excessively.

Is it normal for a dog to bark a lot when it returns from boarding?

Your dog may bark more initially as they are excited to see you and want to tell you about all the fun they have had in daycare or boarding. The excitement will subside soon and your dog will settle down.

Do Miniature Labradoodles bark loud or a lot?

The smaller the breed, the mouthier they are.

Do black labs bark a lot?

It depends on what the style of dog it is. For example, trained dogs do not bark a lot but help people.

Do Italian Greyhounds bark a lot?

No, the Italian Greyhounds are not a dog breed that barks alot.

Why does my dog bark so much?

Your dog may bark a lot because it dos not get enough attention. Also it depends on the breed. I have a terrier who is so loud. He barks all the time. You can try using the collar that shoots something at him but does not hurt him. After a little while he will stop barking. My friend used it on her dog and it really worked. Spend more time with your dog and see if that helps.

Why do a lot of dogs bark when one barks?

they bark when one barks because they are talking like us human.when we talk to some one they talk when dogs bark to another dog the other dog barks back to that's why alot of dog bark when one does.

Do beagles bark a lot?

Every dog barks. Period. Most Beagles don't bark very loud or a lot. They only bark when scared/alarmed. Beagles are very gentle fun loving dogs.

What dog breed does not need a lot of exercise or grooming?


Does a Basenji shed a lot?

No, this breed of dog does not shed much.

How do dogs react when they see a robber?

if the dog is a guard dog or a brave one, then it will bark a lot. but if the dog is a scaredy one, then it will run away

Do yorke's bark a lot?

do yorke bark a lot

Is the Schipperke a good breed for inexperienced dog owners to own?

Schipperkes are not for novice or beginner owners. They nip and bark a lot. If you are considering a Schipperke, make sure you don't have any other pets or children. The answer is no, unfortunately.

Dog had puppies and is shedding a lot?

It's probably a shedding breed.