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Q: What domestic rugby union team did Gareth Edwards play for?
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When was Gareth Rees - rugby union - born?

Gareth Rees - rugby union - was born on 1967-06-30.

Last 10 players capped for wales rugby union?

Gareth Thomas (100).

Top 10 rugby union players?

With the diversity in positions and skills needed within those positions, it is impossible to choose a top ten for most sports. This is however not true for tennis, which is easier to compare. But for rugby, i'd say Jonah Lomu, Gareth edwards,

What team did Gareth Thomas play for in his professional Rugby career?

Gareth Thomas had an active and relatively lengthy career. During his career he played for the Crusaders and also for the Cardiff BLues of Wales. The Crusaders were a team in the Super LEague while the Blues were a rugby union team.

Was rugby union or rugby league invented first?

Rugby Union

Does London Irish rugby team play rugby league or rugby union?

rugby union

Was rugby union or league invented first?

Rugby union was :) the rugby union club i captain is the oldest rugby club in the world

Where did rugby union originate?

Rugby union is a type of football that originated at Rugby School. This is a school in Rugby, Warwickshire, England.

Are the all blacks playing rugby league or rugby union?


Who is more popular rugby union?

rugby union is the world cup, the six nations, the european nations cup... rugby union is what people know as rugby. all other forms of rugby are not as popular.

Who earns the more money rugby union or rugby league players?

rugby union is more popular so i would have thought union

Does a rugby union video referee need any qualifications?

Yes, a rugby union video referee is a qualified Rugby Union Referee.

Which is bigger rugby league or rugby union?

Rugby Union is alot bigger everywhere. The only places they seem to play it is Australia and northern England. Rugby union is a much better sport anyway. Rugby Union is more popular than Rugby League because Rugby Union is much older than League. Rugby Union players get much more than League players and union is played in more places than league. I recon League is much better than union.

Who are the southern kings in rugby union?

A South African rugby franchise that's intended to join Super Rugby in the 2013 season. They are made up of 3 domestic rugby teams - the EP Kings, the Border Bulldogs and the SWD Eagles and are based in Port Elizabeth.

What Englishmen have been capped at Rugby Union and Rugby League?

Jason Robinson, winger or fullback both in rugby league and rugby union

Are rugby league and rugby union played with the same number of players?

No. Rugby Union = 15 players Rugby League = 13 players

When was Rugby Football Union created?

Rugby Football Union was created in 1871.

When was Tasman Rugby Union created?

Tasman Rugby Union was created in 2006.

When was Goulburn Rugby Union created?

Goulburn Rugby Union was created in 1872.

When was Scottish Rugby Union created?

Scottish Rugby Union was created in 1873.

When was Marlborough Rugby Union created?

Marlborough Rugby Union was created in 1888.

When was Welsh Rugby Union created?

Welsh Rugby Union was created in 1881.

Who was the rugby union player who made his debut in 1967 in the New Zealand international team?

I believe it was one of the best (other than Gareth Edwards) scrum halves Ive seen; Sid GoingINTERNATIONAL DEBUTSaturday, 19th August 1967 v Australia (Wellington) won 29-9(Aged: 24)

What was the name of the first welsh rugby union player to leave rugby union and go to rugby league and then back to rugby union?

The first player ever to do this was welsh ledgend Jonhathon Davies.

Where did rugby union begin?

At a school in Rugby.