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What don't horses like?

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Do horses like leeks?

No they dont

How pretty are horses?

Horses are very pretty and if you dont like them then shame on you!!!!!!

How do mustang horses hunt?

Mustanges dont Hunt like all horses they are Herbivores. 899bubble

Do horses hate loud noises?

yes, like bangs and ruffles, they dont particualy like that, but they especially dont like gun shoots

What dont horses do like walk skip canter trot?

they do not skip.

Why are peanuts bad for horses?

They are not bad for horses , horse like peanuts! but its like us eating lollies, so dont give them too many!

How can you make a horse like you?

To make a horse likee you, like it. Dont call it stupid, dont ramble about how much you hate it. Most horses dont not likeanyone, but they can like certain people more then others.

Do horses have toes?

Horses dont have toes.

Do horses itch?

NO horses dont itch.

Do horses have beaks?

no horses dont have beaks. they have muzzles.

Are there games like wolfquest where you can be wild horses?

i strongly dont think so but there might be

What do they do with the remains of horses?

i dont know and i dont care!

How do you hunt horses an wolfquest?

You dont get horses on wolfquest :L (:

Can horses growl?

horses dont growl… they can whinny or neigh.

Do horses hibernate?

No they dont

How do horses mooo?

they dont.

Why do gypsies have horses?

they dont

How do you get more horses in horses 3d?

i was trying to find out too i dont think you can get more horses in horses 3d

Do bears attack horses?

not often only if the horses dont run

Are horses' toes vestigial?

Horses dont have toes they have hoofs!

Do horses live in the zoo?

no horses live in the zoo.

How many wings does a horse have?

Horses dont have wings.. But if they are like Pegasus... I'm sure they'll have 2

Why do horses hate pigs?

they dont

Do horses hibernate in winter?

They dont. =)

Do donkeys get bigger then horses?

no they dont