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Q: What dorm at cortland college did Kevin James live in?
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A room in college is called?

A room in college is typically called a dorm room, where dorm is typically short for "dormitory".

What do you the sleeping rooms in a college or public institution?

The rooms or apartments for a college is a "dorm."

Why do college students usually have cheap dorm furniture?

College students usually have cheap dorm furniture because the cost of living for a college student is high and they usually do not have a lot of money to spend.

Can a 16 year old live in a dorm?

No, a 16 year old probably can't live in a dorm because they aren't in college yet.

How do you be a good rommate in a college dorm?

Strip for them

How big is a standard college dorm?


What is the cost for a dorm room in college?

It would really depend on the college.

What is the best pet to have in college dorm where animals are not allowed?

A goldfish. That way you won't get kicked out of your dorm for having a pet.

Is there cable tv in college dorm rooms?

depends on the dorm, most likely yes...allong with high speed internet

In Sims 2 college how do you make a college dorm?

Get An Empty Residential Lot But Stay In The Neighborhood, then Press Ctrl+Shift+C All Together. Then Type On Your Keyboard: "ChangeLotZoning Dorm" Without The Quotes. And Then Build your dorm! Note: This WIll WOrk with Base game As An Apartment!

How do you make a house into a college dorm?

Install a kegerator

College Moving ?

form_title= College Moving form_header= Heading to college or heading home? Get help from experienced movers. Are you moving into our out of a dorm, apartment or house?*= () Dorm room () Apartment () House When is your expected move out or in date?*= _ [50] Will you be moving out or in?*= () Out () In () Both Where is the college located? *= _ [50]

What does the root dorm in the word dormant mean?

The word dorm means a room in a college or a boarding school or overnight camp. However, the root "dorm" means "sleep"...dormant, dormitory, dormer...

College Movers?

form_title=College Movers form_header=Get moving in the right direction! Get the help you need from qualified moving professionals. What is the location of the college?=_ Are you moving into a dorm room, apartment, or house?= () Dorm room () Apartment () House When is your move in date?=_

How exspensive is it to live in a college dorm?

Living in a college dorm can be very inexpensive compared to living off campus. Some dorms also offer meal plans in addition to the cost of your room. Rates will vary depending on the college you attend.

Is the Summer Grace Collection White Twin or Full Size Panel Bed Youth Kids Bedroom Furniture good for a college dorm?

Most dorm rooms are rather small and shared with another mate. I think the desk and bed are perfect for women in a college dorm. The dresser may be a little wide. I wouldn't put this set in a males dorm room.

Does seminole state college of Florida dorm rooms?

No, if you are referring to Seminole State College in Florida.

Do you have to stay in a dorm your first year of college?

yes, usually

How do you know your college dorm room mate is a lesbian?

ask her.

Where can college freshmen find accessories for their dorm?

College freshmen can find dorm accessories at a variety of retail locations and online stores. Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, and Amazon, for example, each sell these items.

Did the creator of the dorm room diet go to Harvard?

I am unsure of the college that the creator of the dorm room diet attended. It may be fair to say that the dorm room diet may not even exist or may be unaffective.

Can a college student and his same-sex spouse both live in his dorm room?

Restrictions on who may occupy a college dorm room are set by the college. The only protection is that, in states where same-sex marriage is legal, a college may not prohibit same-sex spouses if it permits opposite-sex spouses.

Would this GE countertop microwave be a good choice for a college dorm room?

This GE countertop is a perfect size microwave for a college dorm room, as it has a very small footprint and is relatively lightweight to move from place to place.

Where can one purchase college dorm room bedding?

One can purchase college dorm room bedding from online sites eBay or Amazon. One can also purchase it from retail stores like Target and WalMart as well.

When is it cheapest to buy college dorm room accessories?

right after Christmas