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This means the boy is slightly shy but likes you and wants to get to know you

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Why does my partner stare and i mean stare at other women when you go out together he doesnt glance he stares?

He has to look at other women, to appreciate how totally beautiful you are :-) But Seriously, make him aware that it bothers you, and point it out to him when he is doing it, and if he doesnt stop, make a point of staring at other men to affirm your point. Ask Yourself - Is it just other women whom he stares at, or does he stare at everybody in curiosity, and you only notice, when it is another women? Good Luck

What does it mean if i guy stares at you a lot but when you talk to him he pretends hes never noticed you before?

he definetly likes you because if a guy likes you he will stare at you alot! but when you talk to him he would NOT say that he stares at you all the time he would try to act cool and pretend that he doesnt notice you!

What is the plural of stare?

The plural of the noun stare is stares. As in "There were many puzzled stares when the play suddenly stopped."

What if a girl stares at you but when you stare at her she looks somewhere else?

well, when it has happened to me, it was because i didn't want him to catch me staring....

Why does the 'Mona Lisa' stare at you?

I do not think she stares. She looks directly at you in a friendly way with the shadow of a smile.

Whenever I stare at this girl she looks down but when I look away she always stares at me does she like me?

When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

Does it mean he likes you if he stares?

It depends on what type of stare it is. If it's an evil glare, then obviously not. But if it is a kind of 'longing' stare, and when you make eye contact he looks away, then most probably yes.

If a girl stares at you when your not looking does this mean she likes you?

It depends what her stare looks like. If she looks at you in disgust, that means she finds you gross or yucky. If she looks at you in awe, that means she likes you or finds you cute, hot or sexy.

What does it mean when you text the guy you have been having constant stares with in the eyes in class and he doesnt reply but the next day he keeps staring into your eyes and has a little smile?

he is playing hard to get and he seen you made the first move now just smile when he looks at you and stare back and wait for him to make the next move. and if he doesnt he is a player and doesnt deserve you

If she stare at me then I look at her and she keeps staring at me?

Is she stares at you and then continues to stare at you when you look at her, she may be crushing on you.

How long can you hold a stare with a girl you like With out being a weirdo and also if a girl stares at you after you stare at her then she looks for a sec then you turn away does she know i like her?

yes She would know if you stare then look away. You could tell her how you feel or you might not want to depending on the situation. She knows. You could probaly hold less than 5 secs approx with out being a stare. If you have constant stares or chekc her out then you look like a perv.

What does is mean if a guy you stare at stares at you back then his friends look?

if a guy you stare at stares back and then his friends do then that means most likely he likes you he may like you but he could also be talking about you to his friends.

Is stares plural or singular?

The NOUN stares is plural (more than one stare, or look). The present tense verb conjugation stares is used only for the third-person singular (he, she, or it stares).

What is the homophone for to gaze and flight of steps?

Stares and stairs or Stare and stair

Do owls close there eyes?

no they stare at you like a pedofile stares at a kid

Is the cat stares quietly at you a personification?

No. Any animal can stare at you quietly.

What does it mean when a guy looks all around the playground then stops when he sees you then continues on looking?

It doesnt usually mean much i do that sometimes then i stop and think and just stare....then i notice im staring at someone, but if its a friend....give em the finger aha

What does it mean when a girl stares at you for a long time?

It is normally considered rude to stare at people, so if a girl stares at you for a long time, this suggests that she is not well behaved. Possibly she is overcome by lust and longs to mate with you. Or she is just trying to figure out why your hair looks like that.

What does it mean a girl stares at you and then?

not perfectly sure but when i or one of my friends do it, its to remember your face or to stare and think i like him alot i wish he would notice me, i wonder what he is thinkin, he is cite/fine/sexy etc...

Your wife stares at other guys what do you do?

deal with it, guys stare at other girls more than girls stare at guys

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