What dose a gecko eat?

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a gecko eats crecits and grass hoppers

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Q: What dose a gecko eat?
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What animal will eat a gecko?

king cobra will eat a gecko

Can my pet cat eat a my leopard gecko?

Yes your cat can eat your leopard gecko

Does the gecko eat meat?

no they do not eat meat

Do gecko lizards eat ladybugs?

no they eat worms

Do geckos eat bread?

No, gecko will not eat bread.

what dose a pancake tuttles like to eat?

It dose not eat

What do gecko eat?

flies and bugs

What is the importance of a gecko?

they eat insects.

Is it poisonous for a dog to eat a gecko?


What can a gecko eat in the desert?


What does a desert gecko eat?

crickets ;)

What do you do if a gecko will not eat?

Consult a veterinarian.

What would eat a gecko?

A Snake

Do crows eat gecko?

yes they do

Will a leopard gecko eat a baby gecko?

It depends on if the older gecko is male or female the male will kill the baby. the female gecko will sometimes attack the baby if it is not hers.

What does a leopard gecko like to eat?

they like to eat BUGS!

Do leopard geckos eat bananas?

I have a crsted gecko and I feed him baby food so if you mash the bananas up then your gecko should eat it.

Would a skink eat a gecko?

I have seen a skink eat a gecko. This happened in the wild, about thirty km south-west of Cooktown Qld.

What gecko lizard eat?

Most gecko species are insectivores relying on insects as a primary feeder.

What do you do if a gecko wont eat?

force feed it

What does a plate tailed gecko eat?


Can a sunglow leopard gecko eat potatoes?


Can a gecko eat a dead ladybug?


Ca geckos eat leaves?

Most gecko species are insectivorous. Some species of gecko are omnivorous species, although they do not tend to eat leaves.

Can a gecko live in the same cage as a ball python?

NO! Your Ball python will eat your leopard gecko!