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What drives a narcissistic abuser?

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narcissist lack empathy lack of feeling heard our feeling sorry for them who are narcissist they feed on pitty the insecurity in relationship drive conversations regarding trust imagnine living it.

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If someone is an abuser and wants to stop what steps should he take?

The first - crucial - steps are to acknowledge that he is abuser and seek help. Abusers are usually in denial: If the abuser is also a narcissist (suffers from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder - NPD), this may be of some assistance:

Does the abuser really love the person being abused?

No the abuser does not love that person they love controlling and abusing that person and that's it. It is difficult for there to be love in an abusive relationship. The abuser can not truly give love or receive it because he or she is mentally disabled. The abusive personality is a mental disorder and the abuser needs to seek psychiatric help. An abusive relationship is not a healthy one and no matter what the abuser says, he or she can not love you, it is obsession and control that drives an abusive partner.

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

What is the definition of a narcissistic abuser?

This is the definition of a narcissist. A narcissistic abuser is one who seeks to humiliate, insult, sneer, obstruct, oppose and control another person without any regard for the impact that their aggression may have on the other. They refuse to acknowledge that their actions are harmful to others and cunningly shift the blame across to others. They regard others as mere objects in their need for ego gratification and will discard you quite suddenly when you refuse to co-operate in their nasty games. A relationship with them will leave you drained and paralysed.

Why is it not OK to expose the very people that use abuse and control their victim until the victim sees what is happening and realizes shes been scammed by narcissistic ego maniac on the prowl again?

It is OK to expose the person that uses abuse to control their victim, but it is the victim that has to report their abuser. Like any abuser whether narcissistic or has a large ego others do see these flaws in the abuser, but in many cases the victim at the beginning (unaware) often refuses to believe what others have to say about their abuser until the victim finds out the hard way. Many victims can feel ashamed or angry that it took them so long to figure out that the person they loved is an abuser, but abusers are extremely sly when it comes to luring their victims into their web. There is not much you can do about the abuser if you have left him, but you should get help from an Abused Woman's Center or a psychologist to learn the signs of abusive behavior so you do not make the same mistake twice. There are often small signs from an abuser from the beginning such as perhaps telling you what to wear; order your meals at restaurants and then slowly they alienate you from your family and friends. Then the abuser has you under their complete control and that is when the victim sees the ugly side of their abuser. You can tell anyone you like what the abuser is like and some will believe you and others will not or you can move forward in your life and realize you have learned from the bad relationship and will not make the same mistake again. Generally abusers will be caught at their own game.

Who is most likely to be the victim of a narcissistic abuser?

AnswerSadly enough, the most likely victim would be the one who has been abused before. Someone who the abuser deems to be vulnerable, and easy to manipulate. Often, it is the women/girl who is longing for the father figure. The abuser takes advantage of the opportunity to fill in this role, through applying rigid rules and controlling her every move. Despite their intimate relationship, she may continue to see him as a father, and use this to excuse his behavior.

What is the opposite of narcissistic?

Modest is the usual opposite of narcissistic.

Was David Pelzer a child abuser?

No he is not a child abuser.

Used the word narcissistic in a sentence?

Type your answer here... Narcissistic

What is narcissistic identification?

explain what the word narcissistic means to child.

What is a narcissistic wind?

i am trying to find out what narcissistic winds mean?

Nurturing your child cause narcissistic?

Nurturing your child cause narcissistic?

What if a narcissistic has a narcissistic mother?

You for sure want to steer clear of that person

Do narcissistic people worship the devil?

Narcissistic people worship themselves

Why are narcissistic people gay?

Only about 3% to 8% of narcissistic people are gay.

What is the Tagalog word of narcissistic?

Tagalog Translation of NARCISSISTIC: mahal ang sarili

What does narcissistic mean in Greek mythology?

Narcissistic comes from "Narcissus" which means "Daffodil".

When was Love Your Abuser created?

Love Your Abuser was created on 2007-01-30.

What is the definition of an abuser?

An abuser is someone who attacks people with words, violence, or neglection. An abuser is also some who uses something axcessively or is addicted to something.

Is there any 'legal action' one can take to stop the narcissistic abuser from continuing involvement with the victim's family and friends after the victim has left and filed for divorce?

You can get a court order to have the abuser stay away from you. but your family will have to apply for a restraint order on their own as well as your friends will have to retain their own court orders and deal with it individually. You will have to see a lawyer and even if you get a restraint order against the abuser it is generally classified as "just a piece of paper" and you still may not be protected. Before you spend your money on getting a restraint order ask the lawyer in your state how much clout this legal action will have if the abuser should still contact you. Good luck Marcy

Can a person be emotionally unstable and narcissistic?

Narcissistic personality disorder is a severe form of emotional instability.

What is the difference of narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic rage?

Narcissistic rage is part of NPD. I don't know enough to properly explain it but you should Google NPD and you will learn a lot.

Where can a person go who has been a victim of a narcissistic abuser?

Go ANYWHERE! Go to your family. Go to your friends. Go to another apartment, house or condo. Go to church. JUST GO. Don't look back. I have been where you are and I can tell you with CERTAINTY......move on! Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't try to fix it. Don't stay for the kids. Don't stay for the abuser. Put this in your rearview mirror and keep going. Good Luck.

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