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In Saudi Arabia a driver's license is categorized into three levels. The levels are 2 years license, five years license and 10 years license.

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Can you drive in Algeria with the Saudi Arabia driving licence?

go to the cop and ask him or her

Can you use the UK liecence in suadi aribia?

If the question is "Can you use a UK driving licence in Saudi Arabia" the answer is yes. But the following applies You need a full UK licence to hire a car Women are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia. An International Driving permit is recommended.

Is a riyadh saudi arabia driving licence valid in all GCC countries?

yes all gcc countries

What country bans women from driving?

Saudi Arabia.

Is Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. Saudi Arabia IS Saudi Arabia.

What is distance between from dammam to mecca km?

The driving distance from Dammam Saudi Arabia to Mecca Saudi Arabia is 790mi / 1271km

Is Saudi Arabia driving license valid in Oman?


Is a UAE Driving License valid in Saudi Arabia?


Distance from Jeddah to Jubail by road?

The driving distance from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Jubail, Saudi Arabia is 910 miles / 1465 km

What is the state of Saudi Arabia?

what is the state of Saudi Arabia what is the state of Saudi Arabia what is the state of Saudi Arabia

Where is Mekka Mekka is in Saudi-Arabia.?

Mekka is in Saudi-Arabia Mekka is in Saudi-Arabia

Is a Jeddah Saudi Arabia driving licence valid in all GCC countries?

valid in all gcc except uae, qatar,bahrain,kuwait,iran,irakh, it valid only in saudi. so take uae lisence, that is better.

Is Saudi Arabia driving license valid in India?


How many kilometers from riyadh to abha?

The flight distance from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Abha, Saudi Arabia is about 840 km. The driving distance is about 1,558 km

What nationality is a person from Saudi Arabia?

A national of Saudi Arabia is a Saudi.

Is Saudi Arabia driving license valid in all GCC?

not all all

What are the requirements in applying for forklift license in Saudi Arabia driving school?


In which country are women restricted from driving cars?

In some parts of Saudi Arabia.

Is Saudi Arabia in the Bible?

Yes, not by Saudi Arabia but just Arabia then.

Is Asia the capital of Saudi Arabia?

No. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is on the continent of Asia.

What county is Saudi Arabia in?

Saudi Arabia IS A COUNTRY.

What is postcode of Saudi Arabia?

What is the Postcaode For Saudi Arabia

Which is larger Iran or Saudi Arabia?

saudi arabia

Is there pyramids in Saudi Arabia?

No, there are no pyramids in Saudi Arabia.

Is there sex discrimination in employment in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, dear in Saudi Arabia female are not given job where they have to worked with men. Similarly in driving system of Saudi Arabia a woman can not have a driving license so unable drive is Saudi Arabia. Women can work only where interaction of women is with women like in photo studio. A male can not take a picture of female in studio for this purpose a lady photographer is appointed. These were two example for your question.