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What drug can slow the progression of AIDS?


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What the drugs will do is to keep the AIDS virus in a dormant form. You can still give the virus, but you can keep the virus in a form in which it won't kill you.


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yes, but these treatments will only slow the progression of AIDS. There are currently no cures for AIDS.

The medicine is drugs it is a special kind of drug you have to be on, the doctors will tell the drug if you if do have HIV aids.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Medications can control this progression.

No, there is not a non-drug cure for AIDS.

Yes. Orthokeratology, the science of using special contact lenses, have demonstrated the ability to slow down the progression of myopia.

Yes. HIV can be treated but not cured with medications. The medications available today work to slow down the progression of the virus and help boost the immune system.

Treatment depends on the cause, and goals are to slow progression of the disease and relieve symptoms. Drug therapy; avoiding hard exercise; keeping a normal weight.

Yes. AIDS is the disease which represents a progression from HIV infection (with the HI virus or human immunodeficiency virus).

No drugs can currently cure AIDs.

Aids is not treatable. You can slow it down by taking medications.

Don't share needles with drug addicts the might have AIDS

You cannot catch AIDS. You can catch HIV. Aids is an extreme level of HIV progression. Some never obtain the viral level to be classified as AIDS, some do. Regardless, it's HIV that you should be concerned about. yes

There is no medicine for HIV AIDS, but they are medicines that help you prevent it or slow it down:)

The phrase "full blown AIDS" is medically inaccurate and is not used today. The appropriate terminology would be to simply say AIDS or AIDS diagnosis. AIDS is the syndrome caused by HIV and is the end stage of the disease. When a person receives an AIDS diagnosis the immune system is severely compromised. The patient is susceptible to infections which can be life threatening. The development of new medications can now slow the progression of HIV and prevent the development of AIDS. New medications can also increase immune function (T-cells) and reduce viral load.

people have different HIV progression it can be typical, rapid, or non progressors. HIV has three different stages acute, chronic and AIDS. AIDS is when your CD4 count is below 200

this drug is used to block the progression of the viruses which cause influenza A and B this drug is classified as an antiviral medication

Yes, Of course and there is already a medication to slow down the effect of AIDS / HIV.

AIDS serology serves several different purposes. Some AIDS tests are used to diagnose patients or confirm a diagnosis; others are used to measure the progression of the disease or the effectiveness of specific treatment.

he had aids and a drug addiction

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Drugs that slow drug metabolism include ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, fluoxetine, nefazodone, paroxetine, and ritonavir

If they have it or suspect they have it, they are probably fearful of the potential fate headed their way. They fail to realize, however, that by educating themselves on what they might or does, or someone else they care for may or does, in fact have, theyl can prevent or at least slow down the progression of the disease to AIDS. Yes, you read that right! HIV doesn't have to progress to AIDS! But WITH PROPER TREATMENT... which usually consists of 25-30 pills a day...

There is no treatment for AIDS/HIV. Although there are drugs that can help slow down the virus and damage to the immune system.

Roche released its new AIDS drug, Fuzeon. The drug had a yearly price tag for users of $20,000, which was three times the cost of the most expensive AIDS drug then on the market

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